Rocker Richie Furay At Baristaville Benefit

Richie Furay’s musical talents have left us an amazing legacy of quintessential country-rock music. For what it’s worth, Furay was founder of 60’s band Buffalo Springfield, spawning musical greats Poco and Crosby Stills and Nash. Hearing a new life-altering tune, Furay has been pastor of a Christian church outside of Denver since the ’80’s, but still tours as a solo performer. It’s no wonder he answered a call from Baristaville to perform a benefit concert to fund Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) research sponsored by Outpost In The Burbs. Outpost board member AlMercuro has a 6-year-old daughter, Rosie, living with SMA and is behind the initiative to fund treatment and cure research for the life-threatening condition — which is a few years and $20 million away.
“Rosie’s Concert to Benefit SMA Research” starring Richie Furay is tomorrow, September 6, 7:30pm, at the First Congregational Church’s Sanctuary, 40 South Fullerton Avenue in Montclair.

Guest Host Pete Fornatale of WFUV-FM and Mixed Bag Radio fame will also be on-hand to emcee, and interview Richie for his radio show.
Come help support an important cause and help Richie celebrate the release of his new live double album, “Alive.” You’re going to love the show… A limited number of tax-deductible VIP Tickets (invitation to a Special Wine & Cheese Meet & Greet with Richie Furay and Pete Fornatale after the show) will be available for $150.
Regular admission is $40 in advance/$45 day of the show (if still available). If you can’t get to this special event you can still pledge a donation to SMA at

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  1. I think the problem for much of Baristaville with this one might be Pastor Furay’s Christianity. His church is much closer to what many disparage here as “fundamentalist Christianity” than it is to, say, the diaphanous musings of someone like Jimmy Carter. Or even of old bandmate Neil Young.
    Oddly enough, too, his other old bandmates in Poco (what’s left of them for copyright purposes, anyway) passed through this area in August.

  2. I don’t see the religion issue being too big a deal. When it’s for a good cause, most rational people can put aside theological differences (look at Montclair’s own joint religion functions during the last mayoral campaign for example).
    Now, coming up with $150 for the VIP tix on the other hand is enough to keep someone like me away (Even $40 seems kind of steep, IMHO. How much of this goes to the charity and how much goes to the “generous” performer?)

  3. But, for those of you who do have $40 – $150 to spend on a concert:
    The First Congregational building is absolutely beautiful. I’m assuming the concert will be held in the sanctuary and if watching the show bores you, the stained glass and stone work should help keep your ADD afflicted tuchas in its seat. 🙂

  4. Odd how the pleasure seeking yuppies and commercially driven yahoos have problems with an amazingly spiritual singer/songwriter legend like Richie Furay. Don’t forget, bands like the Springfield and Poco, Eagles, Hillman/Stills etc were spiritually based, not based in self indulgent musings such as Cathar and spiritual losers as on this post..loveYA

  5. padre_pio, you honestly think that Buffalo Springfield and the Eagles were, ah, “spiritually based?” (Was this before or after Don Henley cooked up one of his fave batches of opium?) Were you able to even see them live during the heyday of such bands, now that I think of it? Your case of rickets didn’t prevent you from getting out and about?
    I think the only “spiritual loser” is yourself, and it’s just all that blood that flows from your self-induced stigmata. Don’t love ya back!

  6. It was a wonderful concert for a worthy cause. Whatever reservations one may have had re: Richie’s work as a minister, the 2 songs he sang with any religious connotation were uplifting and joyous (and I am NOT a Christian, born-again or otherwise).
    The man sounded wonderful as did his back-up guitarist/banjo player and his 4th daughter on vocals.
    If you missed it, you missed a Montclair treat. As to the snide comments about the space and Furay’s faith — get a life. It’s better to believe in something than to cast aspersions upon something or someone you don’t like because of your religious (or non-religious) views.

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