Weekend Art Openings In Baristaville

On any given night in Baristaville you are likely to find an artist opening a show somewhere. Local fine artists Karen Nielsen-Fried and Nora Chavooshian had an opening at the Brassworks Gallery, more information here. I was unable to make that opening but would love to hear from someone who was there–both women are outstanding artists. I did however, make the packed opening (pictured here, and that’s the artist in the white shirt and glasses) for James Adelman’s show of large scale oil paintings, works on paper, sketches and studies at Andy Foster’s Gallery 51 on Church Street on Saturday night, and was completely blown away.

Adelman’s work ranges from macabre photorealism to tender depictions of simple scenes and portraits with a cloistered subtext of menace. I think it is up till December. Don’t miss it.
What did you do this weekend–Farmer’s Market? Theater? Concert? Graham Parker?( If you watched the debate, we’ve got another thread for that.) Tell us what you saw, heard, tasted–and if you recommend it to your fellow Baristavillians.

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  1. We were blown away by the raunchy, rollicking, rousing performance of Streams of Whisky last night at Tierneys.
    They announced a return engagement at Tierneys Thanksgiving weekend on 11/29. Don’t miss their fun show. Great for your out of town visitors.

  2. The googleaddicts went to the Brassworks opening. Both artists have some really beautiful pieces up, and it was great to see the renovation (still in progress) of the Brassworks space. Well worth a visit!

  3. i love this town. on any given day or evening, you can find beautiful art, world-class theatre, great music, gardens in bloom, authors and poets reading their latest, wine-tastings, tea tastings…..it’s just a lot of fun to live here.

  4. Fran… you are so right. There is no other town within an easy commute of Manhattan where we’d rather be. And thank you for all the great photos.

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