Do The Math–Chocolate Always Helps

Calculating the personal fall-out from the recent and ongoing economic meltdown can’t be fun. Who wants to crunch numbers for retirement accounts and college tuition bills in the face of all this bad news? Not me–until I spied this little item on the counter at Montclair’s own Life Is Good¬Æ. It’s hard to be gloomy while handling a calculator that not only looks like a chocolate bar and is wrapped just like a real chocolate bar, but that also even smells like a chocolate bar. And no calories!

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  1. Maybe I’m alone and call me crazy (Mrs. prof does)…
    But I HATE Life is Good.
    I see that stuff with the dumb little guy and the– (I want to call them a name, but it’s Sunday)– “people” with their little satisfied smiles….
    I don’t know.
    I HATE it…..

  2. I walked in there once with my son, who had, like, $10 to spend on a Christmas present for someone. Imagine buying something–anything–for ten dollars at that place? Ha ha ha HAHAHAHAHA!!
    We left and never went back.

  3. I’m surprised they didn’t have a mouse pad or doyley in their “under 10 bucks” section.
    Or at least a small Life is Good carabiner.

  4. Truth is they did have some ridiculous chotchky–exactly one, actually– for less than $10. But I mean, gimme a break. I wouldn’t buy anything from there with your money, prof.

  5. walleroo,
    Considering I’m a VW man, and since Porsche now owns ’em, I MAY…. I repeat, MAY, be able to help you out…..
    So, go to the Short Hills Mall, there you’ll find a black Porsche Cayenne with tan leather interior parked outside Saks.
    It’s yours!!
    I lost the keys, so wrap a brick in a dishtowel or old shirt and WHACK the window.
    I got you for the cost of the window.

  6. Life Is Good is one of my favorite stores. The owner is always friendly and welcoming and i have found it to be a great source of t shirts and pajama pants, both for me and for my daughter in college–in fact, i’m wearing a pair of maroon flannel pants with hearts on them that i got there last september. The prices are good too. Oh well, chacun `a son gout. (couldn’t get the little upside down v to type in over the u)

  7. “username” you said:
    Only in Montclair…
    You need to compaere to other towns. Visit Livingston, Millburn, Short Hills, Summit and Westfield.
    It’s not about quality or even prestige as it is about RENTS !
    (and to a lesser degree, also about PARKING and/or the lack of it or the excess of it (or FREE parking….) {God Forbid}

  8. Sandy,
    How DARE you try to quantify Montclair’s “specialness”!!!!
    Take it back.
    Take it back.
    Livingston, Millburn, Short Hills (which is to Milburn as Upper Montclair is to Montclair), Summit and Westfield are not as SPECIAL as us.
    They’re not.
    They’re not…….

  9. Their Not
    Their Not
    Their Not
    Their Not
    Their Not
    Their Not
    Their Not
    I forgot,
    they are
    not as what ?
    IMHO they are all =
    Summit has THE best parking ’cause you get 15 minutes FREE at the beginning.
    Montclair has the most unique (in a good way) stores)
    Westfield is alltogether a different story and is certainly #1 with Lord & Taylor’s Corporate store.
    Millburn has the most variety and a Movie theatre and NY direct train and unlimited parking, and good places to eat.
    None, however can match the excitement of……
    IRVINGTON !!!!!
    Let agree to say they are all top drawer !

  10. Sandy–I love how you typed Irvington instead of your previously mentioned Livingston. So similar, after all.

  11. That’s funny.
    (Irvington & Livingston being the same!) Really, now!
    YES…Paved streets !! They both have paved streets.

  12. You know i would love to say how much i love this place but it will NEVER happen! life was good until i walked in there and found out how i had to spend to spread the word that life was good! However, i did spend $24 on a pair of pj pants for my daughter cause they were the soft and had horse which she loves! However, it took me 3 weeks, a shopping trip with my mother, and a sale to prove to me they were worth it!

  13. Love the car, prof! Thanks! It’s not black with tan leather seats, it’s silver with black leather seats, but never mind — I love it! And boy can it outrun those cops. Please send $200 for new window to Liz, she’ll forward it. (May need it for bail.)

  14. never heard of the place ’til today…Sounds like a good stop for unique holiday gifts..if I have any money left by then.

  15. Love the little text comments telling you what Obama just said — nice touch.
    What you don’t seem to understand, my friend, is that Dubya has presided over a big redistribution of wealth, from the bottom to the top. He’s also presided over a massive expansion of government. On, I almost forgot–he’s also initiated the biggest socialization project in the history of the republic!
    Sorry, ROC, but you’ve still got the old talking points.

  16. You’re right about Bush walleroo. But I’d like to know if you can find any republican talking about the “fundamental flaw” in the Constitution or it’s interpretation regarding “redistributive economics”

  17. Care to comment on what the man actully said walleroo, oh speaker of new talking points?
    Or would you rather (in a novel fashion) just say “Bush, Bush, Bush”.
    Do you agree with Obama’s statement?
    Is redistribution the goal?

  18. Oh, Republicans have said many scarier things. Just about everything Justice Scalia has ever said, for example.
    Didn’t your mommy read to you about Robin Hood, ROC?

  19. I think, walleroo, that Obama’s tax policies and ideas about wealth “redistribution” have somewhat more in common with the politicized brutishness of Pancho Villa than the supposed idealism of Robin Hood.

  20. Sure, here’s what he said, verbatim: “The Constitution is fundamentally flawed in that it doesn’t explicitly state that the Federal government must steal from the rich and give to the poor, but if I ever have the power to change that, I would do so, so help me Allah!”
    Actually, there was nothing alarming at all in this conversation. God forbid we should discuss the problems of the underclass in this society and the need to address our social problems. Redistributing wealth could mean a lot of things. It could mean taxes, or it could mean ensuring that people have the opportunity to raise themselves up. He says nothing here about how this should be done — the bit about redistributing wealth by legislation is what the text-over says, not what Obama said.
    If this is all you got, ROC, you really need to go away for a while and think. (Not that I want you go away; I actually like you, even though you’re a plutocrat).

  21. Right about now our current system of wealth redistribution is not working all the well – just in case you unfettered market fans haven’t noticed.

  22. I think people already have “the opportunity” to raise themselves up in this country, walleroo. (It is not my fault, nor even yours, so many refuse to start by selling fast food or by working at Target, the policy of usually promoting from within still holds.) If they do not, then why do so many still try to come here? No, not every American can rise to become an investment banker (to speak of an unsettling career choice) but there is more to the American dream for, say, Afghans and Yemenites than driving a cab back and forth to JFK for 40 years.
    To maintain otherwise is to play the blame-inflicting, handout-driven game that Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and legions of poverty pimps already do. An Obama presidency will only encourage such scum to demand more and more, and they may well get it from Obama in league with the Pelosi-Reid Congress. Whether that will prove beneficial to the nation at large, however, is quite debatable.
    In any event, I suggest that YOUR “wealth” should be re-distributed (sort of like the inevitable scene in pirate movies where the scurvy crew fights over both trinkets and milady’s underwear), not either ROC’s or my own. Should we start with your estate or your vintage auto collection?

  23. That you may have seen some of your own assets diminished in value of late, jerseygurl, merely tells me that the system remains basically strong.
    But then, you are also proof that “adversity” doesn’t necessarily make one smarter via lessons learned. And your posts are as dreary as ever even as times get (relatively, much relatively) “harder” for us all. Should you be forced to sell apples alongside walleroo (who will surely do it with the wan-but-hopeful smiles Irene Dunne always mustered up in all those Depression-era dramas she starred in), I promise to buy a Golden Delicious from you both.

  24. I call dibs on the corner of Church and Bloomfield in Montclair. I figured I would make a killing not selling apples but maybe American flags.

  25. I’m a Honeycrisp guy cathar, so if you can get me a Bushel– I’ll pay cash!!
    (Organic please.)
    Mrs. M, if the American flag’s stars are replaced with the Obama sunrise graphic, you might make some cash.
    But just a plain old American Flag?
    Not so sure.
    (Not that folks aren’t proud, they just don’t like outward displays of patriotism around these parts.)

  26. That you may have seen some of your own assets diminished in value of late, jerseygurl, merely tells me that the system remains basically strong.
    You have to admire the sheer humor of this.

  27. jerseygurl making a joke?
    Oh, wait. It’s “jerseygurl.”
    I guess I answered my own question.
    Then again jersey, I’m laughing so maybe you were making a funny.

  28. Tonight, jerseygurl may have a hard time finding a place for her, um, assets, given the consolidation of the 6:01 and 6:17 trains from Hoboken to MSU.
    If you start to scream “Mellonbrush, where are you, where are you!” upon boarding the train, I will happily relinquish my seat for you just to see the astonished expressions on the faces of the other commuters.

  29. Life is Good is a good place to shop during the Holidays and especially during these times….there are many items for $10….. coffee mugs water bottles, and fun socks, etc. It’s nice to be in a place where the people and the message is fun!

  30. Made a pitstop in Life is Good today. Cute store. Prices were predictably a little high, but the charm of the place, and the owner, more than made up for it.

  31. Prices were predictably a little high…
    That’s like say the stock market has been off its highs recently.

  32. Though I suppose it’s a matter of whether you find that kind of charm–where every product in the store is a variation on a slogan–to be charming. I don’t. It reminds me of pre-fab buildings. Charm in a box.

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