Glen Ridge Crash — Kids on the Road

Three children were thrown from an SUV in a three-car crash at the corner of Ridgewood Avenue and Washington Street this afternoon. Ten people, most of them children, were taken to area hospitals.
What appears to have happened is this:
A silver sedan coming uphill on Washington entered the intersection in the path of the SUV, heading north on Ridgewood. The vehicle was packed, according to witnesses, with 12 children and two adults. Three of the children, including an infant, spilled out of the SUV as it swerved, was hit by the sedan, then banged into a southbound minivan.
“I could tell it was a big one,” said Erich Umar, who heard the crash from his garage on the corner. Umar, an assistant scoutmaster, grabbed a first aid kit and helped treat three children, including the baby, at the scene. The children range in age from less than a year to 14 years.
Police, EMTs and fire equipment from Glen Ridge, Montclair, Bloomfield, Verona, Orange and East Orange responded.

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  1. I was walking south on Ridgewood just past Washington St. when I heard the crash. I hope everyone injured is OK.

  2. I wonder if any of the children thrown from the vehicle were wearing seatbelts. Now maybe I could see the 14 year old, if he or she was sitting in the back seat of the car, without a seatbelt (not that it would be right) but the “less than one year old” should have been restrained in a carseat which was belted into the car. In my experience it would take a pretty horrific crash for belted passengers to be thrown from the vehicle. I’m guessing that seatbelts were either not used or were improperly used.

  3. I am still trying to figure out how 14 people fit into a single SUV…especially if there were kids who should have been in car seats.

  4. 14 people in an SUV – are you kidding me? Was this a clown car? They were treated at area hospitals…. $20 bucks says if they are jamming 14 people in a car, they have no insurance never mind ANY common sense.
    Mo-rons. Every day, reports of morons. My sensitivity chip is completely threadbear.

  5. the star ledger has now posted a story – they indicate 16 injured and quote the cheif of police as saying the SUV ran a red light

  6. Ran a red light??
    No – , with 14 people in there, they never even saw the light.
    “What Light” ? There was a Light?
    I hope they all recover fast and learn from it.
    But, I have a question. Did it not say that the SUV swerved to try & avoid the “Silver Sedan” and hit the oncoming Minivan ? It did say that.
    Maybe the SUV actually HAD the Green Light, if the oncoming Minivan was in fact…….coming!
    Maybe the “Silver Sedan” ran the light?? Hmmmmm.

  7. Sandy, it was an expedition. There were no real injuries. The infant (16 month old) and two kids who were thrown from the car have no broken bones. Two landed on another car, and the infant was found in the street. Its pretty amazing.

  8. The crash was definitely in the horrific category. I saw the SUV lift up and then jump the curb and hit a pole. The front end of the silver car was sheared off. I believe both drivers could have been at fault, the SUV probably blew through the red light while the silver sedan was making a right on red.
    There’s no way that there were enough seat belts to restrain everyone in the Expedition, and to think that the baby may have been unrestrained is sickening. All I could hear was, “My baby! My baby!!!”

  9. I hope everyone involved in the accident recovers quickly. It is amazing the children thrown from the car were not more seriously hurt.
    I run regularly with my dog on Ridgewood, which has shoulders that are about 6-8′ wide. It should be the perfect place for pedestrians and cyclists.
    Unfortunately, it remains hazardous because of the insane way so many people drive around here. I don’t care who you are, how important you think you are, or how much money you have–unless you’re racing to the hospital to do emergency brain surgery or something, you can wait the 5 seconds that are required to let a pedestrian safely pass an intersection, or let a car with the right of way pass you, or wait until the damn light turns green.
    We all need to bear in mind that we are operating heavy machinery when we drive our cars. Get off the phone, put down the donut, stop yelling at your kid in the back seat, pay attention, and set aside 5 minutes of your day so that you have time to be considerate of your neighbors while you’re driving.

  10. I saw this on my way home and it was so scary because the police were there for a good 6 hours just cleaning up. I think it’s ridiculous to just jump to conclusions about what the parents were doing when the accident occurred. Stop judging and just feel bad for the people who were injured.

  11. I saw this on my way home and it was so scary because the police were there for a good 6 hours just cleaning up. I think it’s ridiculous to just jump to conclusions about what the parents were doing when the accident occurred. Stop judging and just feel bad for the people who were injured.

  12. dexter,
    I don’t want to feel bad. The drivers and their passengers obviously feel bad – most likely due to lack of best auto driving practices.
    Its a blog, and many of us like to judge.

  13. If you read the Star ledger article it states that there was no child saftey equipment in the SUV. That means they had an infant without a car seat. That is just crazy.

  14. This is terrible and tragic. If a law was broken, someone should be fined or jail….
    (Is that good enough for you SirGadfly? 2 things: 1) Forgive me for enjoying a nice Sunday, next weekend I will continue with my usual number of posts, and 2) this story doesn’t seem to have much to comment on. Haven’t you realized, we (or at least I) enjoy commenting on issues where there is a point to be made. Here, it seems that some jerk packed a car with kids and got into an accident. Not too much to comment on.)

  15. Dexter, nobody was assuming anything. If you actually read above, you’d see the chief of police was quoted as saying the Expedition ran a red light. This was confirmed by the article that ran today.
    Did you feel outrage when you heard about the drive-by shootings in Newark this past week? I did. I also feel outraged when someone straps himself or herself into a giant SUV and doesn’t pay attention while driving–or takes their day-to-day frustration out behind the wheel–putting me and everyone else in the vicinity at risk.
    As soon as I can sell my house, I’m getting out of this geographic area. People around here may think it’s normal to drive like an angry, impatient, homicidal maniac, but it isn’t–and people don’t do it everywhere, either.

  16. nnn9495, you’ll notice, that before released I stated that the only passenger vehicles that can seat that # of people are the Ford Expedition L and the Chevrolet Suburban Extended Length version.
    Much later on it turns out to be an Expedition. Now, I do not know if it was the “L” version ( stands for lengthened) or not….BUT if it was, yes it has that many seat belts!
    It has 4 rows of seats. 3 are bench (seats 3 each seat) and bucket seats up front = 11 But a front bench seat can be ordered, which would then seat a dozen. Sorry, not 14.
    No way was the infant in a car seat! No Way!
    A right turn on a red light for drivers coming up Washington (from Blmfd) should NOT be. It should be No Turn On Red, as the speed limit on Ridgewood is 35 and in that case, most cross roads are NTOR (no turn on red) ~
    Glen Ridge shoud fix that.

  17. Holy cow! Sorry for the triple post. I wish there was a ‘delete post’ button for instances like this. If one of the moderators would like to delete the first two, that would be dandy. Carry on…

  18. I feel horrible for those kids. What were the adults who were driving the SUV thinking?
    “Get off the phone… while you’re driving.”
    KatebirdRex, well said. I’m an avid cyclist who frequents Ridgewood Ave. at some point on almost every ride–I live very close to it.
    My wife and I were almost run off the road by a driver a few Sundays ago. It was a balding, middle-aged man with a 10-13 y.o. girl in the front passenger’s seat in a grey medium sized sedan. I wrote down the license plate # and turned it into the police later. I quickly found out you can’t press charges on someone like that in NJ anymore. You have to call the cops and they have to pull the person over and arrest them (give them a ticket) and then you go to the borough of violations and file a report. Or, if you know the name of the person, you don’t have to call the cops. Unfortunately, I didn’t recognize this idiot.
    He was making a left-hand turn onto Ridgewood from Yantecaw. My wife and I were coming down Claridge towards Ridgewood when we saw a cyclist on a blue Klein riding towards Brookdale Park. The guy in the car kept edging out into the road as the cyclist approached the intersection. The cyclist waved his hand and yelled “head’s up” and then the driver almost struck the cyclist with his car and yelled profanities at him.
    We made the right hand turn as the cyclist passed the car. And now the car was about to pass us on Ridgewood Ave. So, I put my hand up and yelled to the driver, “what are you doing?!?!” With that, he swerved off the road into the shoulder and almost hit me and my wife who was riding ahead of me. He had his window down and I pulled up next to him and said, “were you talking sh*t to that other cyclist? Because he had the right of way!” He then proceeded to say, “f*ck you!” in front of this young girl and then quickly took off, almost hitting my wife again.
    I wrote down the license plate number but the GRPD has it right now. I should have made a copy of the info sheet I handed the nice officer.
    If I get it back, I will post it on the baristanet forum so other cyclists can watch out for this prick. I mean, maybe he was just having a bad day, but I think he needs to apoligize to me, my wife, the other cyclist, and the little girl for his actions on that otherwise beautiful Sunday afternoon.
    Anyway, didn’t mean to “hijack” this thread with my banter there. But, you hit a nerve, KatebirdRex. Thanks!

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