Halloween Spooktacular!

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With Halloween only 10 days away, we’d be remiss if we didn’t go for our annual checkup at Dr. Wayne Gangi’s dental office house of horrors. Despite reports that halloween spending is down this year, it looks like our scary dentist has doubled his decorating inventory, spreading his scary business further down the block. Stop by after dark, when caged monstrosities are lit up emitting ghoulish sounds…How are your Halloween plans shaping up?

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  1. I appreciate a good Halloween-decorating effort. Kudos to the Dr. As long as the weather holds up, I’m off to the Village Parade.

  2. I’ll definitely take a drive by…On Halloween, I’ll be off to the Film Forum in SoHo for a viewing of “Rosemary’s Baby.” A good scary movie makes for a good Halloween!

  3. he puts his umm heart into it. and all the other body parts as well. is it true that instead of kit kats he gives 1/2 off on root canals?

  4. The dismembered hand is a nice touch (though one wonders why exactly it would be floating in midair).
    BTW, does anyone else who uses Firefox have trouble viewing these FlickrSlidr posts on the main page? I always get the previous photos unless I shift-reload the page.

  5. We’ll be home on Halloween, handing out candy and Milkbones (for the trick or treevers!). I love all the scary movies they show this time of year. You can always count on films like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, When a Stranger Calls, and some 1950s and ’60s classics to entertain you.

  6. Thank goodness we have these holidays to distract us from the gloom that’s closing in around us, suffocating us in an impenetrable darkness, turning our towns into a frozen, barren wasteland and our days into endless, cold nights of howling winds and death…

  7. My favorite Halloweeen film is “Halloween” with Jamie Lee Curtis.
    STL, I love the Film Forum. My boyfriend is a film buff so we’ve been to a few things there. Even saw a few silent films which were “Tres Cool” indeed.

  8. Robber goes trick or treating:
    I have a baun in my trck or tret bag and agum. Give me a Baby Ruth or I’ll shouth.

  9. On Halloween, I’ll listen a few times to the soundtrack from “Eye Of The Devil,” the movie with Deborah Kerr, David and Sharon Tate, who looked lovely even when being flogged by Niven. Disturbing stuff, from a movie (which pops up round this time on TCM most years) which is also fairly upsetting, especially if one has read a bit about “esoteric” Christianity. There’s too much violence (“horror?”) in some of the movies referenced above, correspondingly little of the actual spiritual purpose to All Hallows Eve and the succeeding All Saints and All Souls Days.
    Walleroo’s descriptive passage above reminded me of Greenland, where I once spent a few days while in the Army. And also of the Boston suburbs which provide such large vote totals for assorted Kennedys come election day.
    I also have my treasured “Dave Frank’s Custom Cycle Parts – Salem, MA” t-shirt with a witch flying on a broomstick to wear while handing out candy, kids always seem to like that touch.

  10. We don’t do Halloween anymore. It’s too much trouble to get my lazy ass off the sofa to answer the door every 5 minutes.
    Why do we want to give kids all this candy anyway, it’s bad for their health and their teeth.
    Many of the ‘kids’ we got a couple of years ago didn’t even bother to wear a costume or to shout ‘trick or treat’ as we answered the door. Some of them were a good 3 or 4 inches taller and 40 pounds heavier than me, and I’m no small fry. I’m thinking, in my paranoid way, “Gee, this would be a great opportunity for some local thugs to do some home invasions…”.
    I’m afraid of Halloween. I hate driving down Midland Ave in GR after work with the hundreds of kids spurting back and forth across the street. It’s all too stressful.
    I’m moving to Iceland.

  11. On ‘mischief night’ in 1993, my car was trashed by rock hurling gnomes situated on the rail overpass on Glenwood Avenue, using those big, grey, rail bed rocks to pummel my car, situated at the closest meter, into a pock marked, mess. My front and side windows were completely destroyed and there were about 50 serious dents in it.
    The cops totally treated this as a non-event and showed no inclination to apprehend the malefactors even though they, themselves, said they may have found one of them a mile or so down the track doing the same thing.
    Grrrrrrr…. I hate Halloween!

  12. The Haunting was on TCM a week ago. Great stuff and without a single drop of blood spilled onscreen. Vampyr is a good nearly silent ; ) horror film and don’t forget Nosferatu.

  13. Yeah, the original Haunting was very good. My personal favorite, creepy, scary, movie of all time would have to be the first ‘Halloween’ movie with J.L. Curtis and Donald Pleasence. The music and general creepiness of this movie have never been surpassed.

  14. We are hosting our Halloween charity fundraiser again this year.
    It’s a lot of fun and it’s for a good cause.
    October 31, 2008, 8PM – 12 Midnight.
    Halloween Dinner and Dance Fundraiser To Benefit PAWS Animal Shelter Montclair
    Presented by Mystic Spirit Metaphysical Shoppe and Everything Akasha
    At the Church Street Kitchen, 12 Church Street, Montclair.
    Sumptuous Buffet, Soft Drinks, Beer and Wine Included (you can also BYOB), DJ, Dancing, Samhain Ritual, Tricky Tray Raffles (two free raffle tickets), Psychic Readings, Costume Prizes!
    13 and up to enter, 13-17 allowed only with parent, 21 to drink
    $50 per ticket (Tickets must be bought in advance and can be purchased at Mystic Spirit)
    Psychic Readings: half price! $15 for 15 minutes! We have some awesome stuff to be raffled off also! Raffle
    tickets: $3 per ticket or $10 for 5.
    You don’t have to dress in costume but it is highly encouraged.
    Mystic Spirit Metaphysical Shoppe
    182 Glenridge Avenue
    Montclair, NJ 07042
    (973) 509-7155

  15. Also, a must view for horror afficianados is the original ‘Stepfather’ move with Terry Quinn(TV series Lost). This is not on Netflix due to unusual DVD format, but can be found on VHS. This was a completely terrifying movie that was just way to realistic, especially the scene where the Stepfather(Terry Quinn) lures his daughter’s guidance counselor(who suspects something’s up with dear old stepdad) to an empty house under the pretense of showing the property and then beats him to death with a 2×4.. Holy crap, what a scene!

  16. My wife and I will also be checking out the showing of Rosemary’s Baby from Film Forum, albeit not on Halloween night.
    We’re rabid horror fans. Just to give you an idea, my wife loves Hellraiser so much I bought her a custom made replica of the puzzle box complete with working parts. She said it was the greatest gift she’s ever received. She’s a big Michael Meyers fan as well and enjoys the modern horror movies but she mostly leans towards the oldies, pre-1974 and especially anything with Price and Lee. We’ve been having fun watching the free movies on On Demand’s FearNet and especially enjoyed classics like Alice, Sweet Alice.
    We recently rented Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon which was a fun and refreshing take on the slasher genre that pays homage to all the cornerstones of horror. Very entertaining movie. I give it 4.5 Big Ass Thumbs Up.
    Now if I can just find a local copy of The Reanimator to show her…

  17. “Alice, Sweet Alice.”
    I actually own this VHS. Picked it up in a cutout bin in Portland, OR. Brooke Shields is in it before she became famous.

  18. dannyboo,
    Speaking of Hellraiser. I used to totally get into Clive Barnes fiction. His work is so much better than King’s or Koontz or any of the other half-baked writers ostensibly creating horror fiction today.
    Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to be writing many novels these days, focusing instead in film and perhaps art. I think he was/is also an accomplished artist.

  19. Gotta love it MM. And there’s something to be said for watching old horror flicks on VHS rather than the remastered DVD’s. In my opinion, it adds to the atmosphere almost like the difference between vinyl and CD.
    Same here MB with regards to Clive Barker. He seems to be leaning towards alternative methods of telling is stories, having done two video games if I’m not mistaken. Codename: Jericho which has a rather interesting synopsis, and Undying.
    I have heard that he is supposedly currently working on redoing the original Hellraiser. I shudder to think what it would look like with modern technology although I’m sure I’ll still prefer the original in the end. Claire Higgins and Doug Bradley are irreplaceable.

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