High Winds, Water And Weather Problems

Hold on to your hats, and anything else likely to fly away, like patio furniture and your Halloween decorations. The weather warning today lists a wind advisory – this afternoon and evening, winds could reach 40 mph locally, with gusts up to 55 mph. Expect scattered power outages from falling tree limbs.
The warning is in effect until 6am Wednesday. A steady downpour coupled with high winds makes for dangerous driving conditions, especially on overpasses and bridges. Tomorrow morning, we may get snow flurries.
In Montclair, a huge tree branch in Mountainside Park toppled over early this morning, taking down power lines and smashing into a neighbor’s garage. A tipster reports some homes on Windsor Place and Laurel Place were without power.

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  1. This is a family website. Please do not use the dreaded 4-letter “S” word again (especially this early in the season).

  2. The Hudson River was very high and rough this morning. I haven’t seen it this high in years.
    Remember the Noreaster in 90/91 that flooded Hoboken Rail Terminal and the PATH system.
    I had friends that got off their trains that day and within a couple of minutes the water came in and they were up to their knees in it as they fled back to their trains..

  3. This is a family website. Please do not use the dreaded 4-letter “S” word again (especially this early in the season).
    You mean “socialism”?

  4. If all the rich people would just be a little more generous, then we could all have nice cars and not have to work anymore.

  5. I wouldn’t have to go to work on days like today! I could sit at home, drink tons of Starbuck coffee and work on my music all day!

  6. Correct me if I am wrong but did Obama actaully say WHERE he would like the wealth to be spread? Would it go to individuals or to some God-awful government social programs?

  7. Aha…I see now. Well, I guess that counts me out. Looks like I’ll have to hang myself with my own bootstraps.

  8. Mrs. Martta,
    Buried in the Obama plan is FREE bootstraps for everyone. Well, actually, they USED to belong to someone else, but they will be “spread” to you.
    So feel good: you’ll be hanged by someone else’s bootstraps.

  9. ‘Cass Sunstein writes that, in terms of policy, “redistribution” includes things like the progressive income tax, Social Security, Head Start, educational reform, and more. “Almost all candidates for public office (including Senator McCain) favor significant forms of redistribution,” which makes hysteria over Obama’s radio interview “ridiculous.” [Plank/New Republic]’
    ‘ Steve Benen doesn’t really think most voters “will necessarily be outraged by the idea of a president offering more economic opportunities to those who’ve been left behind.” What’s ironic, though, is that “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” which takes money from oil companies and redistributes it to every citizen, “is about as close to socialism as America gets.” [Political Animal/Washington Monthly]’

  10. Here’s a nugget from The Socialist Manifesto: “It’s acceptable to redistribute wealth only from evil rich people and big (and therefore evil) corporations.”

  11. I fail to see how tax cuts of any kind are beneficial at this point. Bush has spent so much money in the past 8 years that our country is on the brink of economic collapse. The bad news is the only way to salvage it is to increase taxes, for everyone, with larger increase for those who benefitted the most from the tax cuts in the past 10 years – the rich.

  12. So where’s the incentive to become wealthy and successful if you have to pay more taxes? I just don’t get this kind of thinking.
    If this is what’s going to take over our country, I’ll just stagnate where I am, thank you very much.

  13. How did a simple observation about the weather turn into such a passionate discussion about political and economic ideologies?
    Without anyone mentioning Al Gore and Global Warming?

  14. Mrs. – Could you please provide any empirical evidence that an additional percentage point or two in income tax will change a person’s career path or level of ambition? Do you really honestly believe an entrepreneur is going to decide to get a desk job for $40k a year rather than potentially earn millions even if he has to pay slightly higher taxes? The only thing that will be stifled by Obama’s plan is the growing deficit. People like yourself will actually have a little more money to buy toys for Fido, thus helping the economy. I will have to pay a few more thousand dollars in taxes but I’m not going to shut down my business and collect unemployment.

  15. My theoretical Obama tax increase pretty much negates the cost of my annual Disney trip with kids and my yearly car payments.
    Barry H. Obama hates Mickey Mouse and American autos. Vote Ron Paul – He loves Goofy.

  16. Jerseygurl, the bit about “toys for fido” was unnecessary. On the level of your usual standard for public discourse, sure, but still unnecessary.
    And your use of “people like yourself” only reinforces the public display of your snobbishness. Yet I wonder, what, based on the idiocy you display here in post after post, equips you for snobbishness? Is it simply that, yep, you betcha, you’re still probably a bit smarter than laserturnip?
    Yet that’s not really saying so much.

  17. Cathar, i actually said “people like yourself” meaning the average 95% of America. I know how Mrs. feels about her pooch so she’s more likely to spend on him which even she would think is good for the economy. And talk about snobbish. What is it in that cramped brain of yours that makes you believe you have been chosen to be the arbiter of the blogosphere? Perhaps your overwhelming sense of self-importance?

  18. No extra bones for the pooch if Obama becomes President. In fact, DH and I may be begging Labby to share with us from his bowl! 🙂

  19. MM,
    I get the humongous box of Milk Bones from Costco. As you know, I dole these out to my neighbor’s doggies in a shameless attempt to ingratiate myself with them.
    They don’t bark at me very much any more, just make those cute, high-pitched, whining noises filled with earnest yearning.
    The newest among them still barks at me until I reach the door of my garage and then the barking turns into the whining noise.
    On the other hand, my cats make purrr-turbed noises until I feed them..

  20. Jerseygurl, while I do sometimes feel that I have been divinely appointed to serve as an arbiter of your stunning dumbness, in everything else I remain a true democrat with a lower case “d.” Unlike yourself.
    That same “d” does equally well when noting you as a dimwit, I hasten to add. Since you first appeared on this site, the quality of debate has gone down thanks to your efforts and those of a few others. Not the easiest thing to do on a site already welcoming to laserturnip, but definitely an accomplishment worth mentioning.
    And you are an unregenerate snob and fool. (Do you even consider yourself part of that “average 95% of America? I sense not, you really do see yourself as better than the lot of us. For no conceivable reason.)

  21. Oh Cathar, don’t flatter yourself. You’re just a grumpy old windbag who hasn’t been divinely appointed to anything. Prune juice in the morning might help.

  22. Jerseygurl, I generally have my prune juice in the late night, after I’ve posted my last commentary of the day on your persistent ignorance and foolishness. It helps the contemplation of same go down easier, and the next day disposes right handily of it too.

  23. The problem with cathar’s prune juice is it makes him shit the bed. Some old people just can’t handle it anymore. Luckily, he has his thesaurus nearby so he can consult it while straining to poop out yet verbose insult.

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