Update On Glen Ridge Car Crash

More details on the three-car collision in Glen Ridge reported on Baristanet here. A total of 16 people were injured in the crash, which occurred after a driver ran a red light. From the Star Ledger

A 9-month-old was ejected from an SUV in a multi-vehicle accident in Glen Ridge yesterday that injured 15 other people and shut down an intersection for nearly five hours, police said.
Another child was partially ejected in the crash, in which the driver of a Ford Expedition ran a red light on Ridgewood Avenue and struck a gray Honda Accord before swerving into the path of an oncoming minivan, police said.

The drivers were the sole occupants of the Accord and blue minivan, police said. The 14 passengers of the Expedition, as well as the drivers of the Accord and minivan, sustained a range of injuries and were taken to area hospitals following the 1:50 p.m. crash, police said. None of them appeared to be life-threatening, Glen Ridge Police Chief John Magnier said.
Four people, including the two ejected children, were rushed to University Hospital in Newark. All four were admitted in critical condition, the chief said. Their conditions were later upgraded to stable, police said.

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  1. Sounds like there was quite a party going on in that SUV.
    From the description in the Ledger, this accident is a good illustration of two things that make SUVs dangerous: lack of handling and instability (due to the high center of gravity). The false feeling of invincibility these trucks impart to drivers probably contributes to reckless driving.

  2. Walleroo, whatever the attributes of SUV’s in general, even the prevailing traffic conditions yesterday, to pack 14 folk (even wee folk) into any vehicle indicates that the driver was simply an idiot. Let’s not sound too distanced on this one, okay?

  3. Yeah, let’s blame the car and not the idiot driver, who will, undoubtedly, be charged with a ‘grip’ of violations for their stupendous act of sheer idiocy.

  4. I’m so sorry for not commenting with the appropriate level of emotional involvement and invective . What I meant to say was, “Idiot driver! Throw the bastard in jail!”
    Of course I’m not blaming the car, you dolts.

  5. What you were doing, walleroo, was commenting in your usual deprecatory, mild-mannered fashion. It just didn’t work this time, for all your pretense towards being a relative voice of reason on this site.
    But then, I always picture you in a cardigan anyway (no matter the season), trusty old brier safely clenched between your teeth, as you attempt yet again to be avuncular yet mildly jocose.

  6. I never had any pretense about being a voice of reason. If other people, including you, want to think of me that way, so be it. I know the members of the Drums of Thunder think so.

  7. Ahh, wonderful. A thread about an infant getting ejected from a car devolves into self-important doofuses trying to out-argue each other.

  8. Regardless, packing 14 people into an SUV has to break some kind of law, no? I see this kind of thing all the time in places like India and China where personal vehicular transportation is a luxury but not so much here in the U.S. of A.
    Perhaps the idiot driver of the SUV could not see the red light because of the passenger who was riding on his dashboard.

  9. I am astonished that there were no fatalities – that SUV was hit HARD after running the red light. It was sickening for my daughter and I to observe.
    I also feel that there should be zero tolerance for the reckless endangerment of so many lives. I can still hear the screams coming from the mother of that baby – why wasn’t that infant properly secured in a carseat?
    And I’ve seen way too many vehicles “cutting through town” by speeding down GR sidestreets such as Linden Avenue. Beating stop signs and racing through lights at the last minute is something I see around here daily as a GR resident. I believe the top offenders come from neighboring towns. Something has got to be done to put a stop to this!

  10. Ahh, wonderful. A bunch of self important doofuses trying to out-argue each other disturbs the piety of a self-righteous finger wagger.

  11. “Regardless, packing 14 people into an SUV has to break some kind of law, no? I see this kind of thing all the time in places like India and China where personal vehicular transportation is a luxury but not so much here in the U.S. of A.”
    India/China/=East Orange?

  12. Walleroo,
    You know I was just kidding right?
    I only call those whom I most highly esteem ‘butt munch’. I think I heard Bart Simpson say it a few years ago.

  13. perhaps the Ford became self-aware(think Terminator movie or war games) and then decide to eject the low IQ inhabitants from itself before they got into a total wreck or the suspension was permanently damaged??

  14. Worry not, mellon. I think I can tell the difference between self-righteous indignation and good-natured joking around. Most of the time anyway.

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