Where The Wild Art Grows

Baristaville and outer Baristaville are Godsends to lovers of art. In addition to the fantastic art showcased right here in Montclair during Friday night’s gallery tour there are also new art venues sprouting up in outer Baristaville – specifically, Montclair’s own Rupert Ravens’ new gallery, Rupert Ravens Contemporary.
Rupert’s gallery is at 85 Market Street in Newark, and it’s huge–30,000 square feet of wonderful, witty, evocative art. Wear your walking shoes–I’m glad I did, when I attended the opening of several new exhibits on Friday night. And one of those exhibitors is dear friend and Montclair High School art teacher Stefanie Nagorka. Her installation in this show consists of glazed and gilded ceramic casts that highlight and examine our perceptions of what we value and what we throw away, and how we arrive at those perceptions. See if you can spot one of her pieces in the slide show.

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

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  1. Looks like a great gallery, very cool shots Fran ( as always ).
    Too bad it’s in Newark, and I refer to , once again, the danger of being there ( what happened just a few days ago is what I mean ). This will keep me from going down there for some time.

  2. i understand your concern, but 85 market street was a really cool area and there is a lot of activity, another wonderful gallery right next door, etc.
    plus, i was able to literally park on the street RIGHT in front of the gallery door. so it was pretty easy. in the meantime, isn’t it great that we have so much beautiful art right here in montclair.

  3. I have a hard time imagining any plot of ground in Newark as situated in “a really cool area,” and I think that will hold for generations to come. Not just because of street crime, either. The city’s prevailing aesthetic for its buildings seems to be the bluntest ugliness.

  4. I think this is an especially cogent comment about “the coolness” of Newark in general, and it’s from today’s Media Life Magazine: “Star-Ledger newsroom diet: 40 percent take buyout
    We?ve known for months now that the Newark Star Ledger?s workforce is going to shrink. Details about just how small it will get began leaking out over the past few days. More than a third of the newsroom, or 151 of 330 employees, will be leaving, according to editor Jim Willse, who said Friday that 17 buyout applications were rejected. The exits will take place between now and year?s end, though they will be staggered to give the remaining staff time to adjust. The newsroom reportedly took the biggest hit, losing roughly 40 percent of its staff and supply roughly three quarters of the 200 total buyouts management had targeted…”
    Really, if even newspaper reporters and editors are clearly lining up to get out the door (and in this economy yet), Newark has an impossibly long way to go on the road back. I’m not saying it couldn’t be done, but the continued difficulties of the daily newspaper published there, let alone its potential demise, make such a “comeback” all the more difficult to achieve.

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