Postcard from the Straight Talk Express Local

Mista Barista, aka AP broadcaster Warren Levinson, had a minute to send this photo from the tarmac, en route with John McCain on the candidate’s seven-stop tour on the final day of the campaign.
The Mista is the pool reporter for radio today, so anything you hear from McCain on the radio today comes straight through his microphone. CORRECTION: That was the original plan, but apparently pool coverage went to NPR.
In a two-minute spousal communication, the Mista told us that the candidate and press had “decent but not great” fried chicken in Tennessee, and that McCain appears “energized” by the succession of “drive-by rallies.” He added, “He’s trying to demonstrate he has the stamina for the job.”

And then the wheels pulled up.

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  1. the guys DOES have stamina. i say Brrrr! to anyone who’s willing to host a pool reporting group this time of year. Bravo to the old coot!

  2. Ahhhh, the ubiquitous blue shirt and stone khaki ‘well fed’ look.
    Snark, snark… I’m just jealous…

  3. Poor guy, he drew the short straw and got McCain.
    I hear the Obama plane ROCKS!!! Besides a glimpse of the Chosen One in his jeans, you might be the rare chance to see him talk without a teleprompter.
    Oh, well. McCain looks like he’s more fun.

  4. Time for Don Meredith to start singin.
    Turn out the lights the party’s over
    They say that all good things must end
    Let’s call it a night the party’s over
    And tomorrow starts the same old thing again

  5. They dont own the planes. They lease them for the campaign, and pay a whole lot extra to paint their names on them. They are charged 2 hours of flight time per day whether the plane is in the air or on the ground. Tomorrow, the planes go back to the operators and brokers, and refitted for the next charter purpose.

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