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One Montclair small business owner wasn’t content to sit around this holiday season and watch the dismal economic broadcasts on msnbc. She did something.

Kelly DelRosso, co-owner of home store semplice on Bloomfield Avenue, designed and built a website called Shop Local Montclair. She told her friends. And they told more friends. Now most of our local businesses are offering great deals on cool, local goods. Businesses like Parcel, Johari, Toast, Alicia’s Hair & Design and others are banding together to survive–maybe even make some money–over the holiday season.

Here’s how Kelly did it.

MontclairKids: Why did you start this project?
Kelly from semplice: It was a small idea for a sale at semplice
that I realized could be more effective on a community-wide scale. I
“sold” it to a few friends and we were off and running….
Why do you think it’s so important to offer sales to people in Montclair?
Kelly: Montclair merchants needed to be promotionally aggressive to
compete with the national chains that are bombarding the public with
deep discounts. Unique products, customer service and free gift
wrapping just are not enough.

How important are local businesses to our community?
Small independent businesses are the backbone of any community. Vacant
storefronts are not only eyesores, but also reflections of the
community’s commitment to the business owners. That said, we merchants must offer the customer what they want or we simply cannot expect their support. And price is more important than ever.

What is your hope for business this holiday season?
That we not only survive, but we thrive into the New Year together.  If
nothing else, this has created a lot of goodwill. For that, it was
certainly worth the effort.

What do you think? Will you try to shop locally this holiday? I’ve already done some damage for myself over at Cisco–they had an amazing discount on Olra Kiely.

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  1. This is great! I was in Chalk Farm yesterday and found some amazing vintage stuff as well as some neat soaps and decoupage trays. Someone was buying a huge french print from the 1950’s that was beautiful. Check it out. It’s on Glenridge Avenue.

  2. I was in there two weeks ago and saw the nice soaps and trays, but i was very disappointed as anthropologie had the same stuff on sale. This store was way overpriced for chinese reprodcutions

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