Elmo Kissed Us & Gordon Was Awesome


We’re never washing our cheeks and hands again because Elmo kissed us. Except that tonight is taco night, so maybe then we’ll be forced to use soap and water.

Gordon and Elmo were at Montclair High School performing a benefit for Luna Stage. But it was much more than a sweet show where Elmo made Gordon put on a wig and pretend he was Goldilocks. It was two super stars who’ve meant the world (plus all of the ice cream in it) to millions of children worldwide. They’ve meant the world to me and my kids, too.

And Gordon (AKA Rosoe Orman from Montclair) and Elmo (AKA Kevin Clash) spent their morning in Montclair pro bono. And they pulled my kid–and many others–on stage to sing about cars. And they stuck around afterward so hundreds of people could take photos. And then after that, Kevin Clash plucked my crying 3-year-old from the crowd (her time with Elmo was over, after all). And he called her over to him for a special kiss and hug from Elmo himself. He did that for lots of kids today.

I had a talk with my girls outside on Park Street. I told them, “If Elmo can kiss and hug you when you cry and make you feel better, maybe you can kiss and hug someone else when they are feeling bad.”

We had a moment.

Then we went home to make tacos.

Were you there? What did you think of the show?

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  1. I just…I’m still flushed and very happy that i was there.
    The moments that i had with Elmo were amazing and are burned in my mind.
    Awesome show!

  2. I wish I could have gone but I was at Baby Loves Disco! Don’t forget the awesome family fundraiser from 2-4 at the Unitarian Church today to benefit Women’s small businesses in India!

  3. ok, i feel i’m missing out. max has never seen sesame street, and doesn’t know from elmo. of course, if dora or mickey mouse came into town, he’d knock over a grocery store to buy his own tix. max is 2.
    ps. yay: gordon! he was a trailblazer and seems like a very, very nice man.

  4. I’ve never even considered for a moment that Gordan had a non-stage name. I will block it out of my mind… he will always remain — simply — Gordon of Sesame Street.

  5. I am so happy everyone had a great time! There is another benefit for Luna Stage on Sunday at 2pm. An oldies cabaret with some old favorites (Do -Wah -Diddy -Diddy and the Lion Sleeps tonight) and even some Christmas songs. The website http://www.lunastage.org has more info 🙂 and i hafta admit, I’m 25 and meeting Elmo was still a magical experience!

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