We Have A Winner

Thanks to all who sent in videos for the short film contest. The winner is….

Wheeler Antabanez!.
Wheeler not only scores $500, he also got something more out of the experience…

I just wanted to let you know that even if I don’t win the video contest on Saturday I’ve already benefited so much from my entry. To make a long story short… the girl I’ve been staring at all summer on the streets of Montclair tracked me down from the baristanet post of my video and now we are totally in love. I’m feeling so awesome right now and none of it would
have been possible if I hadn’t entered the contest.

Watch Wheeler’s winning short again here…

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  1. Nice, Wheeler! You captured the flava. Some familiar faces in there. Love the little girl’s reaction shot to the bailout headline.
    Good luck with your new love, too!

  2. FUN STUFF. Its nice to see places where I walk around town from another point of view. Montclair is a cool place to live. (2 years for me) Who knew just by staring at someone one could find true love. Have fun.

  3. That was fun and nice to watch because of the whole “Oh look there’s the backwards bus stop on Bloomfield Ave” or the “The produce section at Pathmark! You never see that on film!” It captured a lot of the area in a nice way.
    But speaking purely about if it should have won a film contest, I think it left much to be desired. It was hard (for me at least) to not get dizzy at certain points, what with all the camera-shakiness, and it was hard to hear what the “interviewees” were saying. Some scenes even seemed to be cut mid-sentence.
    So what I guess I’m trying to say is, although I don’t want to rain on this guys’ parade (I mean he got $500 and a newfound love, so come on, good for him!), I am surprised that there weren’t any other good films of a better technical quality. It was a film contest, after all.

  4. I was a fan of this video when first posted months ago. It really captures our beloved town well, the good and the bad. Congrats, Wheeler.

  5. Any one remember Two Tone and/or Melissa Hair Fixer-Upper? These were two 1980’s/early 90’s Montclair establishments that I miss a lot.

  6. Ah, Boomerang!
    How about Kiva under the Clairidge and that little bookstore where the bagel place is now.
    So sad that one day my kid will say, “anyone remember Toys in the Attic?”

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