Fireworks Canceled

Wednesday, Dec 31, 2008 9:15pm  |  COMMENTS (9)

A good source tells us that Montclair has canceled First Night fireworks due to the wind.

2008 in Baristaville

Wednesday, Dec 31, 2008 1:47pm  |  COMMENTS (7)

Yes, it was a big year for news: the rise and fall of Sarah Palin, the astounding win of Barack Obama, the fall of Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers…
Locally, too, the year was abundant with news. The tragic: brutal murder of Montclair mother Monica Paul in June and the collapse and death of Montclair football player Ryne Dougherty in October.
In terms of things that roll: it was the year of the crosswalk sting operation, the bicycling mayor, skateboarders being arrested and, in Bloomfield, a years-old skate-park dream come true.
In controversy: a legal victory for Ted Mattox, the end of the road for PAWS, Dick Grabowsky’s eviction of some non-paying tenants, “Asbestosgate” and a controversial dog trainer.
And despite a rocky start, the opening of a brand new music venue in town.
I’m sure we’re forgetting lots more, so gentle reader, please add to the list. And Happy New Year!

It’s the New Year: Say “Cheese”

Wednesday, Dec 31, 2008 11:47am  |  COMMENTS (22)

Happy pre-New Year’s eve, fellow Baristavillians. We want to know and most of all, see, what you are doing for New Year’s Eve. Are you going to attend the Little Feat Concert, or some of the other unique and fun First Night activities? Whatever you do–even if you stay home–we want to see your photos. You can post them here in the set titled ‘Baristaville New Year’s Eve 2008’. AND there’s a contest, with the winner receiving a 2009 Baristanet Calendar created by moi, your Baristanet Photo Editor. The guidelines are pretty loose, but we’d love to see champagne in its many forms–bubbling over the top of a bottle, poured into a Dom Perignon champagne flute, nestled in a standing ice bucket. Colorful costumes and fetishes waved around gaily to attract the good spirits and ward off the bad–those make great contest entries too.

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If You Need a 2008 Postmark, Go Early

Wednesday, Dec 31, 2008 9:56am  |  COMMENTS (2)

Most area post offices will be closed at noon today, so if you’ve got an estimated tax payment or charitable contribution that needs to be in the mail by year-end, don’t wait until the last minute.
And while nobody’s expecting the post office to be open tomorrow, on New Year’s Day, expect a reprise of last week’s shortened hours if you try to mail a letter or package on Friday.
Certain north Jersey PO’s will be open until 5 both days. The closest to Baristaville is the one serving 07011 in Clifton. (See the full release after the jump.)
The Montclair YMCA closes at 4 pm today and runs a regular schedule on Friday.

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Oh No, It’s Gonna Snow!

Wednesday, Dec 31, 2008 8:40am  |  COMMENTS (9)

As if all the booze wouldn’t make driving treacherous enough, an “arctic airmass” will bring “snow and blowing snow” today, says the National Weather Service. In addition to the weather, police will be out in force in 92 towns, including Montclair and Glen Ridge, looking for drunk drivers. It’s a combination that says “reading in front of the fire” to me.

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Will the snow change your New Year’s Eve plans?

Yes. Who needs it? I’m staying home.
No. It’s party time!

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Schweppe Burgdorff Responds

Tuesday, Dec 30, 2008 4:16pm  |  COMMENTS (3)

Realtors at Schweppe Burgdorff want readers to know that the protests today and yesterday in front of their office have nothing to do with their activities helping customers buy and sell properties. Here’s an official statement sent to us by Schweppe Burgdorff’s Dan Peoples.

On Monday and Tuesday of this week, protestors have been handing out leaflets in front of the Schweppe Burgdorff ERA Realtor offices in Montclair. They allege that buildings Jay Schweppe is developing at other locations are using “substandard” companies to perform asbestos remediation at these sites.
Schweppe Burgdorff ERA Realtor is a business involved in residential real estate brokerage and is not involved in any way with the real estate development activities of Jay Schweppe or his companies. In addition, Schweppe Burgdorff ERA has no connection to any asbestos remediation companies that have been hired by Mr. Schweppe or his companies. Statements that have been made that “Schweppe Burgdorff hires asbestos contacting companies” are false.
Dan Peoples for Schweppe Burgdorff ERA

As If We Needed Any Encouragement To Eat…

Tuesday, Dec 30, 2008 3:07pm  |  COMMENTS (4)

Montclair’s first-ever Restaurant Week, coming in about 5 weeks, celebrates our top chefs and offers gourmands a great incentive to try out new menus and venues – or revisit your favorites – at value prices.
Reserve a table now, Monday, February 2nd through Sunday, February 8th, when many of Montclair’s top restaurants will be offering three-course, prix-fixe dinners at $20 or $30 (beverages, gratuity and tax not included). For more information and a list of participating restaurants, visit their website.
And in another dining event – mid-February – Nutley celebrates their own culinary top toques with a week of special prix-fixe three-course menus. Menu prices are $15.09, $20.09, or $29.09.

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Montclair Tightening Leaf Blower Law?

Tuesday, Dec 30, 2008 1:32pm  |  COMMENTS (32)

Reducing noise and and air pollution produced by leaf blowers – not banning them altogether – is being discussed at Montclair’s next council meeting, January 6. The town’s 1994 leaf blower ordinance is under review plus new amendments proposed and prepared by the Montclair Environmental Commission. The MEC proposal recommends when and what kind of leaf blowers should be allowed to operate in Montclair – and how to enforce rules of engagement.
The proposed ordinance amendments limit the noise output of leaf blowers to 65 dB (lower than a vacuum cleaner), allow only leaf blowers that meet the EPA’s Phase 2 standards (projected to reduce emissions 70%), allows the town Code Enforcement staff to issue citations for violations, and to rely on Montclair police as a backup for enforcement. Fines for third violation are $500 and loss of license,
The commission also provided the council with a document that provides a rationale for each of the proposed changes. Read the FAQs, here.

From Rats To Coffins

Tuesday, Dec 30, 2008 11:15am  |  COMMENTS (28)


“We’ll stay here every day with the coffin, until this is resolved,” Local 78’s representative Frank Ortega said this morning, as he stood with Elvis Pilaloa dressed in a hazmat suit, in front of Schweppe Burgdorff Realty in Montclair. “We’ve been doing this [kind of public protest] for years, in New York City and New Jersey,” says Ortega, “and with positive results.” Resolution means – first and foremost – the asbestos contracting companies [that Schweppe Burgdorff hires CORRECTION: that Jay Schweppe hires] must pay their workers health benefits, he told Baristanet. Yesterday, at the same location, there was a giant rat sighting.
When I arrived, a man, whom Ortega identified as a local asbestos remediator, was “trying to intimidate them” threatening a lawsuit, and telling them they should get a real job. Overheard when leaving, he said “you should be ashamed of yourselves.”

Single? Looking For A New Year’s Party In Baristaville?

Tuesday, Dec 30, 2008 10:06am  |  COMMENTS (9)

Calling all single greenies, Blue Wavers, writers, artists, outdoorsy and creative types: First Night Montclair New Years Eve Meet-Up, which started as a mixing bowl for Sierra Club members, is now expanding the invitation.The more the merrier! Trailblazer Kath writes:

“Put down your pens, books, canvassing and hiking gear long enough to meet up for First Night in Montclair on New Year’s Eve, Dec. 31.
When and Where: 6:30pm for early New Year’s Eve dinner at Leone’s, 19 South Park Street, Montclair. (Rose, owner at Leone’s, said she will take good care of us!)
Everyone is on their own and should bring cash to cover their dinner on a large group check. I’m keeping it simple! After dinner we will move on to the events and meet up again at midnight for the annual celebration. Purchase First Night buttons at 205 Claremont on New Years Eve or in advance, on line. and get more information!”

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