A Last-Minute Shopping Warning For the Men

With just two more shopping days to Christmas, and not much more before the end of Chanukah, it’s time for husbands to take heed. This is actually a viral ad for J.C. Penny, but honey, you can buy me anything from Semplice, Jafajems or Little Cricket and you’ll stay out of the doghouse.
In other last-minute shopping news, Macy’s Willowbrook is open 24 hours until 6 pm New Year’s Eve.

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  1. Too funny!!!
    Double bag!!!
    I pose this question to friends, suppose it all goes down… and we’re lootin’ stores (just go with it), which store in town would you loot?
    Seems Debbie would be fighting with mrs. prof with her choices…. Jafajems especially– though how she’d run with that stuff down the street is unclear.
    Me? I’d spray paint a big red X on “Sonoma” and add “prof” in front of “Williams” because I’d be ALL OVER Williams-Sonoma.

  2. I believe that’s 24 hrs. till Christmas Eve, good luck late shoppers and Merry Happy to all (for you others, Happy Merry).

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