A Token New Year’s Reminder…

In case you didn’t hear, the NJ Highway Authority is holding a token amnesty: Turn In Your Tokens! Check your attic, garage, mystery bags, forgotten suitcase – this Wednesday Dec. 31 is the last day to turn in your hoard of highway nickel and brass bulls-eye tokens for cash – and the last day the slugs will pay your way through the GSP.
The NJ Highway Authority stopped selling tokens on January 1, 2002. Incredibly, so far 120,000 tokens have been turned in. Redeem your highway and bus tokens, three for $1, by appointment today through Wednesday at the Turnpike’s administrative offices, 581 Main Stree, in Woodbridge. Call 732-750-5473.

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  1. Ahhh whizzing thru the exact toll lane at 20 MPH, tossing a quarter, then a token, catching the green light in your peripheral vision….and no electronic record of your passing. Those were the days.

  2. For those who want to hold onto their old GSP Tokens you might want to check out and join the American Vecturist Association.
    The site for information about the American Vecturist Association
    If you are a collector of Transportation Tokens, you have come to the right place. Founded in 1948, the AVA is the oldest American organization of token collectors.
    Joining the AVA simply involves completing a Membership Application. Once you join the AVA, you will receive:
    the Fare Box, the AVA’s monthly newsletter containing articles, stories, and information about various tokens, want ads, for sale listings, etc.
    a complete listing of all AVA members, putting you in touch with fellow collectors around the world.
    information about joining the AVA New Issue Service. With the New Issue Service, you will receive new tokens
    (usually every 4 to 8 weeks) at very reasonable prices.
    various AVA Catalogs that discuss transportation tokens available at large discounts off the regular price.
    an invition to the AVA convention held in a different city every year. At the convention, you can attend exhibits and tours, buy, sell, and trade tokens, as well as attend the auction and the banquet.

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