Baristaville Blockbuster Bash

Tons of intriguing films at the box office for holiday week movie-goers made for some difficult choices with slapstick comedy, to high drama, twisted love, to schmaltz. Ticket sales show the masses responded to the dog called Marly, but the Barista-chicks were dazzled by a love story that blossomed from the gritty slums of Mumbai, Bollywood ending included.

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Benjamin Button




Marley & Me

The Wrestler

Yes Man

Frost Nixon


Revolutionary Road

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Sure, there were others in the running, tell us what you watched. And if you saw Philip Seymour Hoffman’s amazing performance in Doubt, tell us:

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Doubt: Did He Do It?

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  1. Slumdog must be a hit, sold out last night in town. Saw DOUBT. Really enjoyed it. Great cast. Saw GRAN TORINO!!! GREAT!!! But had to travel to see it. Saw it in the city but its up in Paramus or Edge Water. HAVE A JOYFUL NEW YEAR!!!

  2. Benjamin Button was a beautifully shot movie with a decent script and some fine performances by Brad and Kate. It will get a handful of nominations and perhaps win a couple of Oscars. I’m voting for cinematography.

  3. How is it that Frost Nixon is still not playing in any theaters around here? I appreciate the Clearview on Bloomfield showing these types of films, but wish more theaters would.

  4. You’re survey forgot:
    O Waits for dvd/ppv or HBO because of no need for immediate gratification or paying a fortune for all the inconveniences (i.e. the people who talk incessantly or push the back of your seat which I no longer have ANY patience for).

  5. Pokey,
    My wife and I have found the best seats in the house: The last row of seats in the section right up front. Nobody behind you to fidgit, talk, or kick seat. We go to AMC in Clifton and the seats also recline.

  6. Okay, I’ll do my bit for what’s clearly a very slow news day.
    Best movie I saw all year, watched multiple times (on either the Sundance or IFC channel, I forget which), was “Private Fears in Public Places,” an adaptation by Alain Resnais of an Alan Ayckbourn play (title in French is “Coeurs”) and it manages to be both totally Gallic and emotionally true to Ayckbourn. Never officially released here, it did play film festivals, and it takes place in a Paris where it’s perpetually snowing. Lovely but terribly sad stuff, that someone like Resnais can’t get general release of a film of his is just appalling.
    It should also be “Gran Torino” on the “ballot.” There’s too frequent verbal sloppiness in the posted items which ill befits even half-serious journalism.
    Read the original Fitzgerald story, a piece of whimsy he probably turned out to pay his bar bill, which “inspired” Benjamin Button too; it has basically zero relationship to the movie as far as I can tell from reviews.

  7. MB, I guess I was spoiled with an early discovery of RT46 Cinema where back in the day the large red reclining, fully upholstered, two armed seats with plenty of leg room were the middle 2/3 seating in the back. They were also the smoking section of which I took full advantage of (though now smoking is a thankfully a thing of the past).
    I also miss the Wellmont balcony where I saw many a picture with my daughter as a private showing more often than not (which of coarse couldn’t last).
    The big screen TV and cable are too convenient, though I will give your suggestion a shot if the right movie comes along.
    As an aside, the BB King show at the Wellmont was awesome, friendly helpful staff that also put a few over zealous picture taking people back in their seats. The acoustics need improvement, but aren’t as bad as I feared. I was also happily surprised at the number of young people enjoying the show. I think the venue will only get better, if more slowly in this economy. I hope the logistics work out for the residents, keep fighting folks, I also know that battle and consistency is the key to results.

  8. Benjamin Button is surprisingly engaging and well crafted. A good, old fashioned epic from a director better known for much darker films, not to mention memorable Nike ads earlier in his career.

  9. jg,
    I agree. The score was also first rate. I’m a big Kate Blanchett fan. I think she’s the most versatile actress in film today. She was incredible in ‘Notes on a Scandal’, that was, I think, her finest performance.

  10. Yes, MB, Kate is stunning. Even Brad
    Pitt pulled off his role most admirably. I hope you’re feeling alright despite the rabies shots.

  11. Most of those movies are on my “to be rented” list.
    I might go see “The Spirit” if I can borrow my mom’s Optimum Rewards card and see it for free. Otherwise, that will have to wait for DVD, too.
    (I used a $25 gift card at AMC a few weeks ago and all it got was 2 movie tickets and the small bottle of water! That’s the closest I’m going to come to paying for the “theater experience” for a long time.)

  12. Saw “Marley and Me,” was poignant but not outstanding, although I enjoyed watching the dog(s). Glad mine doesn’t act like that. 🙂 Movie was marred slightly due to the fact that someone saw fit to bring a toadler (not a typo) to the movie. All said toadler did throughout was whine and make noises.
    A nice co-worker got me a gift card to AMC Theater so I plan to see “Doubt” and “Yes Man” as well.

  13. I saw Frost/Nixon on Sunday. The acting was great. The Paramus theater wasn’t a mob scene, and the theater was packed. Everyone clapped at the end. There should be at least 2 if not 3 Oscar nominations for acting and editing for this one. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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