Deer Hunt Or Witch Hunt?

Essex’s controversial deer hunt in South Mountain reservation has riled up plenty of criticism from residents in neighboring towns. A flurry of letters to local papers protesting Essex’s second hunt this January and February, gave Essex County Executive Joseph N. DiVincenzo Jr. pause, and cause to call a press conference yesterday refuting “misinformation” about the Deer Management Program being spread as facts by local activists.
DiVincenzo specifically responded to a series of letters printed in the Sunday, December 21 edition of The Star Ledger “Essex Forum.” “The misinformation that is purposely being distributed by those who oppose the hunt is doing a tremendous disservice to the community at-large, creating confusion and anger, and unfairly scaring the public,” DiVincenzo said.

“Reducing the deer herd is the first step we must take to restore ecological balance of the Reservation and enhance traffic safety,” he said.
DiVincenzo refuted claims written by a West Orange resident that Essex County held a hunt from Wednesday, December 17-19, did not provide any notice to the public about its Deer Management Program, and that recreational hunters are being recruited.
One person claimed that “residents have been endangered in the past” because of the Deer Management Program, which DiVincenzo denied saying the reservation was closed during last year’s hunt, and no incidents were reported.
A South Orange resident alleges that Essex County wants to “get even with the residents of West Orange who defied him‚Äù when voting against conducting the hunt in the West Orange section of the reservation. “It is appalling to think that people would suggest we would resort to intimidation,” DiVincenzo said.
To maximize safety, all 2,000-plus acres of South Mountain Reservation will be closed from 5:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. on the 10 days that the program is being conducted January 27-February 26. Only major roadways that cut through the reservation, Brookside Drive, Cherry Lane and South Orange Avenue, will remain open.

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  1. Oy!
    I think this will turn into a Cock Fight!
    How about a Bad City Management Program for our poor performance this past snow fall? I’d like to go hunting for some sorry ass(es)!
    This town is pathetic! Why aren’t we ticketing people for not shoveling in front of stores, parking lots, and in front of houses!
    Let the deer live and focus on what is important! OMG

  2. Gee LL, where ya been? Long time, no rant!
    This is yet another episode of the Baristas baiting their readership with old yet emotionally charged controversies (a la cathar’s “slow news day”), apparently in a bid to generate a long, long thread of righteous outrage and dismissive ridicule from the opponents and proponents of this hunt, jacking up Baristanet’s site statistics in the process. One way to prove to advertisers that lot of eyes are viewing this site, even if they are probably not really paying much attention to the actual advertisements.

  3. Pork Roll
    I’ve been on a long-long-long cruise and trying to heal my leathery lepard skin! I think the cruise name was something like Royal Rehab, but they were stocked with plenty of booze! I just love therapy!

  4. Hey smooth… they don’t make jerky with the meat. Last year the hunt produced 33,000 portions of meat for folks at shelters and foodbanks. This year I think with the shape that the foodbanks are in, anything will be a big help.
    Merry Christmas!

  5. It’s time for the hunt alright, I saw two 8 point bucks rattling antlers in my yard, abutting the parkway right-of-way. Hiking in South Mountain, I’ve been within 10 feet of deer, who are not frightened of humans. And unless I slather myself with Deet, the deer ticks are all over.
    Then the Feds need to have a serious hunt in Jockey Hollow in Morristown, which apparently has 200+ deer per square mile, up from 60 2 years ago, and it can sustain only 15 or so. Essex Mills in Caldwell is another deer haven where they flock to. I bet the South Mountain deer flee during hunting time and hole up there.

  6. Please do a deer hunt at Eagle Rock Reservation this year. The deer population is out of control, with deer traveling into the adjoining neighborhoods searching for food. It has gotten much worse in the last year or two. We live about 1/2 mile from Eagle Rock and deer are all over the place now…in our yard at all hours..particularly at night… came home last week and two deer were standing in the driveway. They barely care, or move, when you pull in with the car. A couple days ago, saw a huge buck at 6:00 a.m. by the garage, this morning two in the backyard. They’re wiping out ALL the vegetation.
    The five year old girl next door got Lyme disease last year….I got 5 deer ticks on me while in back of my house for 20 minutes wearing sandals.
    The problem will only get worse, with more deer starving, vegetation damage, car accidents and Lyme disease. I commend Joey D. for being decisive and dealing with this problem in a realistic manner at South Mountain Res…..Please do Eagle Rock next! Thank you.

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