I Love “I Hate DeCamp”

It’s a simple white-on-black Typepad blog, and so far it has no ads and almost no comments. We’re the only other blog that links to it. But the misanthropic “I Hate DeCamp: Dispatches from the highway to hell” is both fun to read and deliciously unrelenting. Its writer deftly summarized Joe Hartnett’s post to our blog yesterday this way:

  • Even though the storm arrived exactly as forecast and evolved precisely as predicted, conditions were unpredictable and “tricky.”
  • Every significant road running through the town is a county road and therefore not the town’s responsibility.
  • But we’ve done such a good job in the past!
  • “I Hate DeCamp” reported this story about DeCamp’s hamhanded announcement of price rollbacks earlier this month with a characteristically biting headline: “DeCamp Does Something Good, Still Manages to Make You Hate Them”. It even takes shots at the sainted Clever Commute.
    But it’s this post, “My Friday Evening Commute as a William Gaddis Novel” that shows a glimmer of genius. Echoes of John Cheever?

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    1. I waited two hours for a NJ Transit bus on Bloomfield Avenue in Caldwell on Friday. Plenty o’ SNAFUs to go around. Quit yer complainin’.

    2. I did a lot of research, called a few Nobel laureates and after some serious noodling came to the startling conclusion that it might actually be better to take the train home when the weather is snowy and icy. Took the train from Penn to Mtc on Friday. It left on time and arrived early.

    3. Maybe your nobel laureates can work on next a way to magically transport me home from the train station, since I don’t have one near enough to my house and therefor am stuck with the bus.

    4. Spicoli and jerseygurl are one and the same.
      If you like “I hate DeCamp,” wait til you see the new blog, “Death to Montclair BOE Members.”

    5. Follow-up to Spincoli–I took DeCamp on two recent bad weather days from Bloomfield–on time and early to Port Authority. No problems with reverse trip. The Bloomfield Drivers are always pleasant–maybe it has to do with how polite and unpretentious their passengers mostly are… My commute by car to Hackensack would have been horrible. I think the people complaining about DeCamp should have to commute on the Garden State for a couple of weeks.

    6. Well,ael, I actually moved a little over a year ago because my only option was DeCamp which was so unreliable I was driving most of the time. From Bloomfield. There is no comparison. So far I have not once had to wait outdoors in rain, sleet or snow for up to 45 minutes or more hoping a bus will come by and actually stop when it does. I can wait indoors and the Hoboken train is rarely delayed by more than a few minutes. It’s a lot less expensive too.

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