Last-Minute Gifts for Your Liberal Pals

You know the situation. Someone pops in with an unexpected present, and you’re standing there with a stiff smile, thinking, Oh no, I don’t have anything for you. Well, here’s an item you can stock by the dozens in your closet or your trunk, and it’s good for about 80 percent of the people in Baristaville: A Blue Wave NJ Coffee Mug made from an original painting by Glen Ridge artist Lori Loebelsohn. The mugs are $10 apiece, come with gift boxes, and the money goes to Blue Wave.
If you’re not in a rush, you can order the mugs through the Blue Wave website. But if you need one, or several today, write to Loebelsohn directly and arrange to pick your order up pronto.

The image on the Blue Wave mug also comes as a signed giclee print ($45 unframed, $100 framed). It’s actually the third version of the painting originally commissioned to Loebelsohn in 2005, when things were much bleaker (more red, less blue) for the Democrats. In the newest incarnation, the electoral map is all blue, and an image of tanks in the top right corner has been replaced with the Obama logo. See the 2006 version here.

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  1. it’s only fair to note that when you fill the mug with “your own” coffee you only get about 40% back out again.
    Also, shouldn’t one of those squares show a dead fetus?
    And perhaps a square showing the people handing all their money to Uncle Sam?

  2. oh, and housing projects, you need a square for that too.
    Oh, oh, and a map of Israel with a big “not” sign through it!

  3. Luckily for me, I never make “friends” with liberals. Only acquaintances. At best.
    WHatever one’s politics, however, one could also very plausibly suggest that this “gift item” is the perfect example of over-reaching. As well as very silly in its very essence.
    I prefer those mugs from Despair, Inc., which have a dividing line midway up and the legend, “This glass is now half-empty.”

  4. Don’t worry, ROC, there’s a cup for the pro-Bush government expansionist Republicans, too.
    Too bad there’s no cup for the liberty-loving, fiscal conservative Republicans of old.

  5. The best “cup,” of course, would he the Holy Grail. Which was never used to dispense government handouts.
    Still, your point is well-made, appletony.

  6. Yes, ROC. In what ways is Obama less fiscally responsible than Bush? In what ways is he more likely to erode liberty?

  7. Interestingly, he was running against all that Bush wrought. Palin was the pure distillation of the know-nothing ideology that has overtaken the Republican party.
    These aren’t sports teams — there’s no reason to root for them just because they used to be great. The Pelosi and Clinton Democrats are horrible, but the Republicans managed to become horribler! Quite a feat.

  8. Anyway, can you point out ways where Obama is likely to be less fiscally “conservative” or more threatening to liberty than McCain/Palin?

  9. Conversely I suppose Biden is the exemplar of the Know-Everything Democrats?
    I agree the Republicans have lost their way.
    So much so that people looking for “fiscal conservatism” have voted in FDR-II.
    Quite a feat indeed.
    Thank our lucky stars we’re about to experience true fiscal conservatism.

  10. All concept of fiscal conservatism has been rendered moot. There is no point to it whatsoever now that the monarchical presidency has by fiat granted money to the auto industry — completely overriding the congressional power of the purse! We’re already completely off the rails, with more money spent than any major government initiative EVER! All done by Bush. So, since we’ve gone completely into a freakin’ command economy, we might as well have someone who won’t demand that schools “teach the controversy” about evolution.

  11. Hard to do appletony, since we’re all still reading tea leaves. I could turn the question around to you. Has he made many or any fiscally conservative proposals? I can only make a guess on his past politics, associations and odd statements about wealth distribution and the tax increases he mentioned during the campaign. Along with promises of vast infrastructure “investments” and government run healthcare.
    I fully realize that you probably feel his past statements are less a predictor than his current vagueness.

  12. Oh, the bailout is the republicans fault appletony? Even though many more republicans voted against it than democrats? Even though the auto company bailout failed in congress specifically because of republicans?

  13. Guys, guys, shake hands and keep it restrained until January 20. (We also don’t want the eggnog to get to room temp, do we? “Nowell, Nowell, this is the salutation of the angel Gabriel…”

  14. Has he made many or any fiscally conservative proposals?
    Why, yes, even during the campaign he noted that it wouldn’t be wise to raise taxes in the face of a heavy recession. He’s seeking counsel from fiscally savvy types. He’s made clear that the current accounts drain of money to our enemies due to current so-called energy “policy” doesn’t make sense. All fiscally conservative approaches.
    He is obviously more in line with George Will’s fiscal prudence regarding separation of powers for bailout matters, so that’s good. He could do better by adopting Charles Krauthammer’s exquisite gas tax proposal (especially now that gas is cheap).
    The fact that the auto bailout failed in congress doesn’t matter at all — the Republicans have acquiesced in creating an all-powerful executive, so why should they get credit for having given up their power?
    It seems that you want to “turn the question around” on me because that’s an effective way to avoid answering.
    Anyway, I’m decidedly not a Democrat, so if the national-level Republicans ever decide to stop promoting religious authoritarianism over liberty, I’ll be happy to vote for them again. Looks like it’ll be a while, though.

  15. And Merry Christmas to you, too, ROC!
    Cathar, the jolly peacemaker, may you have a warm and happy holiday yourself!

  16. Excellent, thank you, ROC, for pointing to an article that mentions “…the Blue Dog Coalition, a caucus of 51 fiscally conservative House Democrats…”
    It’s important to see how that party has expanded in terms of relative tent size, while the Republicans have withered to a small, speaking-in-tongues congregation of sorts.

  17. This whole thing is so 2008, complete with Perlstein getting all huffed up over Israel.
    Though cathar’s mediation speaks well of what to expect in 2009.
    Merry Holiday everyone!!

  18. Happy holidays to everyone and regardless of your political affiliation, may your cup always appear to be half full.

  19. huffed up, Prof?
    I’m quite mellow at the moment, and relishing the fact that ROC’s world view is embarrasingly simplistic. I know, give him a Hummer and he’ll be sedated.
    Anyway, I’d like to see ROC at lunch with Teddy Kennedy and those other Israel lovin’ liberals. ROC owes himself an at-home screening of Exodus. He might like Paul Newman attempting an Israeli accent while his screen character is busy protecting Socialist kibbutzniks! Hannity would have a fatal stroke! Laura Ingraham might bowl over! O’Reilly might give up the ghost! And Sarah Palin might be out of sorts because Todd is pissed off that he ain’t the incoming second lady.
    Love ya anyway, Prof, and Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  20. Tanks MM and to you also (but as an independent, I like to just fill up the glass as soon as it’s empty and not worry about appearances:).

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