Little Falls Car Dealer Beats Big Odds

Little Falls’ Schumacher Chevrolet, unlike most car dealerships, is setting sales records despite the dismal outlook for the big three auto makers. What’s Schumacher’s secret for success? Well, we can’t take any credit, even though they are a Baristanet advertiser… Their story, which grabbed the attention of CBS News, was broadcast nationally on The Early Show.

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  1. Judith Tilton-Schumacher Rules the Earth.
    Her answer: “I’ll figure it out” to the question of what she’d do if GM went out of business is priceless.
    As a VW man, I’ve liked the Chevy Malibu’s of late. Mom has one and loves it.
    But I’m sure there are many other local dealers just as tied into the community as this that are going out of business.
    Judith Tilton-Schumacher didn’t know why because there probably is not a real reason other than luck…

  2. My family bought their cars from the Schumachers for years. Dad and mom always went back because of their honesty and service. We were never disappointed. I wish them continued success.

  3. Funny how looks can be deceiving. Every time I drove past that tiny dealership I thought it looked to be on the brink of extinction. Maybe I’ll buy a Chevy Volt there if GM ever gets off the pot and produces the damned thing.
    I wonder where Schumacher hides the 6 acre lot.

  4. The key to it all can be found in the statement that they own the place. No Mortgage and I’d bet they own outright the expensive cars, so that they do not have to pay floor-plan. Possibly all of the cars are owned….equals no monthly jumbo check to GMAC.
    I do not know that area. I think i may have been in Little Falls once, maybe twice in my life. Looks like old town, USA.
    That was a nice white Corvette convertible on the floor. But, alas… I am too old for it…. the knees would not like it.

  5. It sure did look like Mayberry in the CBS piece but it’s only about a mile from Rt 3, right in the middle of North Jersey urban compression.

  6. I was a first-time Schumacher customer this past April, and I can understand the loyalty people have for them. I have never dealt with more professional, friendly and prompt people at a car dealership. The entire process from initial internet inquiry to taking delivery was five days. The vehicle (a 2008 Equinox) was presented to me in immaculate condition inside and out. I did take some heat from co-workers for buying an SUV on Earth Day, however.

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