The Blair Fog Project

2 am Sunday in Montclair, and the fog diffusing the streetlamp’s beam creates something beautiful and just a little spooky. It may be the end of December, but there’s a distinctly Halloweenish quality about this foggy silhouette.

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  1. I’d vote for the latter cathar.
    Mr. roo at the very least is charming with a sense of humor.
    BlueWave however, has (and is) neither.

  2. If the dampish wispiness has followed you round, katie, I can only assume that it represents the avenging spirit of a disgruntled sponsor of your trip which didn’t quite get as many on-site “hits” as promised.

  3. Don’t pay any attention to cather, he probably didn’t get what he wanted for Christmas and is being grumpy, unless you hear chains rattling, then worry.

  4. The rolling fog reminds humanity of its mortal frailty, casting the aching shadows of the Hidden and Sanctified One over this blessed world, upon which we tenuously dwell. The moist water drops which cling togther in this lonesome, ground-hugging cloud of dew, calmly caress the gnarled bark and dormant twigs adorning the ancient, wise, and sheltering tree.
    The time-wizened trunk and boughs beckon us with expressive timbers and exquisite silhouette.
    Time for ROC to cut that sucka down and fashion chocks for the underside of his Hummer.

  5. Whoa! Nice shoot.
    Quick question: Is this the kind of fog which contains mutant, killer, creatures from another dimension, or is it just your garden variety, foggy fog?

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