Hope You Had A Pixel-Perfect New Year’s Eve!

We want to hear about it and even more important, we want to see it. Especially if there was champagne involved. Happy and healthy 2009 to everyone in Baristaville, and the world.

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  1. I had a wonderful New Years Eve. We stayed in and watched ‘Hancock’ with Will Smith and Charlize Theron. It was a surprisingly good flick with an interesting twist.
    Now that we’ve been vegetarian for a month last nights dinner of lightly fried potatoes and onions with sauted Collard greens was totally awesome!
    Today we’re going to see ‘Slumdog Millionnaire’.
    Happy New Year 2009 to everyone in Baristaville!

  2. argh, the cold killed the batteries in my camera and I couldn’t take pics at First Night. Tried to see Parents That Rock but when we got there at starting time they hadn’t set up yet so we ran back to Hillside. Soooo cold and windy, but Big Apple Circus was fun!

  3. went to the 2nd little feat show..they were terriff..was it me or was bloomfield ave a ghost town after 9pm? not good.

  4. Usually, I can hear celebratory noises from the neighborhood on NYE. Last night all I could hear were the sounds of an insistent wind battering my window frames. No fireworks or horn honking or gaggles of people walking to and from local parties were in evidence, just an implacable, cold wind.
    We went to a first night in Montclair at least 10 years ago and it was as cold but not as windy as last night. I remember the fireworks as being first rate. It’s too bad we got such cold, windy weather this year.
    Remember New Year’s eve 2000? It was almost balmy by comparison. I actually barbacued for our guests and we had our own fireworks display in my backyard in temperatures that approached 60 degrees.

  5. Went out to dinner early in the evening and then lounged around watching TV. We actually went to NYC Tuesday night and saw the ball then sitting on its perch above Times Square.
    Happy New Year to everyone on this site. Thanks to everyone for sharing here. I’ve enjoyed the camaraderie of fellow conservatives but appreciate hearing from the other team, too. Many of you have given me better insight and understanding into your point of view.

  6. Went to the 3rd Little Feat show. Very cool- only about 200 or so people there. A bit odd to see them playing on the altar of a church while we were sitting in pews. Even stranger that it was the church where my kid went to pre-school. Kudos to the town for getting a great band to play in Montclair on NYE.

  7. Wow Nellie,
    As one from the “other team”..I really appreciate what you said. We don’t all have to agree, but we all should be open to debate in search of truth..no matter which “team” wins.

  8. Did much of nuttin’ ~ Son went to see girlfriend in Bordentown for the weekend, and Mom & Dad got chinese delivered and watched TV. Too darn cold !!

  9. Still nursing aches and pains from moving my middle aged body to the as awesome as ever performance by The Feelies at The Wellmont. Unfortunately I missed the opening act, The Vivian Girls, and did NOT miss the closing Yo La Tengo. Nothing kills a New Years celebration like continuous self indulgent, not to mention BORING, guitar wanking. But seeing The Feelies on NYs Eve for the first time since my youthful days was well worth it.

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