Another Crime Warning from Glen Ridge

Following two weekend burglaries, the Glen Ridge police department sends out a warning about a burglar whose M.O. appears to be targeting empty houses and then going in back doors or windows. This follows an earlier warning.

On Sunday, February 8, 2009 a daytime burglary was committed at a home on Baldwin Street. Entry was gained through a first floor unlocked window. A television was removed from the house. Just prior to the burglary an Essex Avenue resident reported a black male approximately 5’10” in height wearing a black North Face jacket, black hat, blue jeans and boots came to the front door of their residence. When the door was not answered he moved towards the rear of the residence. After seeing the homeowner in the window he left the area on foot.

On Monday, February 9, 2009 a nighttime burglary was committed at a home on Willow Street. A burglary to a garage was also committed at a home on Brooklawn Road. Entry was gained to the residence through an unlocked rear door. Video cameras, a purse and other items were taken from the residence. Bicycles were taken from the garage.
All residents are urged to lock all doors and windows on their homes, garages and sheds. They are also encouraged to call headquarters at 973-748-5400 x 111 or via 911 in an emergency or anytime suspicious activity is observed.
The burglar appears to be looking for empty homes under the guise of ringing the front door bell prior to moving the rear or side of the residence to gain entry. Our Crime Prevention Bureau has many programs to assist residents. You can reach the Crime Prevention Bureau at 973-748-4116.

Glen Ridge Police Department
Crime Prevention Bureau

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  1. “The burglar appears to be looking for empty homes under the guise of ringing the front door bell prior to moving the rear or side of the residence to gain entry”
    I know, the homes are not empty.

  2. As a random act of kindness, I will shoot these people in the leg if they come into my house instead of between the eyes. As the economy deteriorates, looks as if crime is on the rise as people are gettig desperate.

  3. What is there to steal from an empty home?
    AHH, pipes and wiring for scrap, though I believe they meant “unoccupied”.

  4. Don’t burglars as a matter of course look for domiciles where nobody is home? The GR police honestly think this approach is news?
    But didn’t I just see something in the Star-Ledger that noted crimes in Montclair at least re generally way down?

  5. NoCorzine,
    “As a random act of kindness, I will shoot these people in the leg if they come into my house instead of between the eyes.”
    That might not be the wisest option. If you shoot someone on or in your property and they live, even if they are there with criminal intent, in many states the perp can bring criminal charges against you. They can also file a civil suit for monetary damages. I’m not completely sure what the NJ law is but you might want to check the law and reconsider the shot bedtween the eyes.

  6. “the Glen Ridge police department sends out a(nother) warning about a burglar.”
    Seems GR should “hire-out” Montclair PD for their beat work. Yesterdays SL Headlines screamed “Fewest crimes in Montclair since ’68”
    Not sure if the 40 year low is because, “The One” is now in charge or if the MPD just went before the town council for a “meat and potatoes” chat. Or both.

  7. Wouldn’t a nighttime crime take place in the night? It’s only 2:26 pm on Monday, February 9th. Perhaps the police spokesperson meant early morning crime.

  8. They say, stuff rolls down hill.Maybe MPD has done a great job of late.They has run da bums out of town and into GR

  9. Liberals in Glen Ridge should feel good about themselves, they are involved with CHANGE THEY CAN BELIEVE IN… people who ” Don’t Have ” are taking from people who ” Do Have ” its falls under ” Spreading The Wealth ” policy.
    You don’t really want to be tough on crime, so you have to live in fear, you’ll have to live in fear every time you return home…Oh Well.
    There was a time when, if a person was caught breaking-in a home by police, you might as well call an ambulance also, but, today your some much more understanding, kinder, gentler, so enjoy, HAVE A NICE DAY, and good luck.
    Are you safer today than you were 40 years ago, if not… WHY???????

  10. I hear you, HearAll!
    What’s espcially ironic and upsetting is that today we have awesome forensic technology but law enforcements hadns are tied because they are not allowed to profile.

  11. HearAll,
    FBI stats show covincingly that there is much less violent crime in the US than there was 40 years ago. I realize facts are not going to enter into your analysis anywhere, but you should be aware that liberal troublemakers might cite facts next the you trot our your tired conservative bs. Be ready.

  12. A pesky Lab can also be an effective crime deterrent.
    See, if more people had dogs, we’d have less crime.

  13. Mets
    You definetly will be thinking about the facts about violent crime, when the burglar is in the house and your wife and kids are home. I’ve been held up at gunpoint, believe the only thing you think of is if you are going to see your loved ones.

  14. So the “actor” with the North Face jacket, which I cannot currently justify in my budget, is the “have” or the “have not”?
    I guess he didn’t get the memo about Random Acts of Kindness week.
    If you really want to understand the drop in crime, it has a little something to do with Roe v. Wade.

  15. Incidentally, if you’ve ever been in a terrifying situation, and you think you’d shoot someone in the leg, or the head, think again. You’ll be shaking so much, you’d be lucky to pull the trigger, if the firearm was even accessible in the first place. The actor won’t be cooperative either. Hope this never happens.

  16. HearAll, you may hear a lot but you recall little. It may come as some small surprise to you that the cities and states with the highest crime rates (especially violent crime) are generally all “red” states – the conservative, “over my cold dead body”, places. I have lived in a few of those cities ( Houston and Atlanta to be specific) and they are far more violent than NJ (and even more violent than Newark per capita). The “liberal” places that you claim to fear tend also to have significantly lower rates of crime – think San Fran, NYC, Portland, Seattle, Twin Cities, all of New England and most of the Mid-Atlantic (including NJ)…
    But, I don’t think someone breaking into your house is a liberal or a conservative issue. I think they are both equally outraged and equally seek protection and justice.

  17. Freakonomics:
    Women from certain socioeconomic groups are more likely than others to have abortions, and the groups more likely to do so (e.g., among the poor) are the very groups that tend to give rise to the most criminals. As a result, babies likely to grow up to be criminals were disproportionately aborted and so the overall crime rate went down.

  18. ackme,
    Great book. I take it off the shelf from time to time to prove points as well!
    Pork Roll, I am a dog person. So much, that I can get close to dogs that bite, and have no problem handling, and keeping them quiet. Now many crimninals are afraid of dogs, but if you ever watch the show “To catch a criminal” Those thieves would steal the dog too (most families have dogs as pets and extensions of the family… not junk yard security beasts)

  19. Of course you’re referring to Levitt’s theory that has been debunked quite a few times already.
    What’s ironic is that this theory has been voraciously attacked by the Pro-Life groups out there, but I’m as Pro-Choice as they come. What’s important is that the theory has been adequately dis-proven, not which interest group did the work.

  20. population in N.J. 1960 approx 6mil with 7k violent crimes.
    TODAY… (2006 stats) population approx 8.7 million with voiolent crimes approx 30k

  21. Thanks for the link sooth, but can we get a warning anytime this debate gets mentioned? This is why I will never, ever go see a film based on its oscar contender-ness again.

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