Have You Taken Down Your Christmas Tree?

IMG_0209.jpgI’m not a loser because I haven’t yet taken down my Christmas Tree. I’m a loser for many other reasons.

The town of Montclair made me feel better about myself last Friday and this Monday when they finished taking down our town tree. The Department of Shade Trees–yes, we have a Department of Shade Trees–was hard at work. I watched them last year when they were hard at work putting it up.

And I was there when Mayor Jerry Fried officiated the tree lighting. Later that night, I actually drank a few glasses of wine with the mayor and bum-rushed his neighbor’s chicken coup. But that’s another story.

It looked complicated to take down the town tree (see photo). Much
more complicated than it would be to take down my own. Mine is not
real, BTW. So it’s not exactly a fire hazard. In fact, it’s bare
because I have a 1-year-old, two 3-year-olds and a puppy. It’s a minimalist tree, and I kind of enjoy looking at it. Especially in

Tell the truth, did you take down your tree?

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