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Jane & Frankie Luna.jpgI like to write.

But I’m not so good at writing something sweet like, say, a love letter, Valentine’s note or a Honey Do List.

I am always intrigued by real romantic writing, especially on Valentine’s Day. So I might grab my Honey Do and go to Luna Stage this Saturday to listen to the prize-winning play, A. R. Gurney’s Love Letters. It’s a two-character drama–famously performed by greats such as Elizabeth Taylor and James Earl Jones–written in the form of letters.

It’s about this disastrous thing called romance.

Luna Stage Artistic Director Jane Mandel and her husband, actor Frankie R. Faison, will perform. Here’s what Jane told me about love recently.

Jane and her husband moved to Montclair in 1987, and they raised 3 now-grown daughters here. I thought I’d get into her head about marriage and love.

Kristen: Is there such thing as romance and parenthood?
Jane: Yes, romance is always important, but it doesn’t have to be expensive or a big deal.

Kristen: How can I be sweeter on Valentine’s Day?
Jane: You can stand on the porch with your partner and look at the moon. Or light some candles and sit at the kitchen table when the kids are in bed. Have some wine and talk.  Do a small unexpected thing.

Kristen: Or maybe I can just take him to your play.
Jane: Yes. Many famous actors have read the play we are doing—it’s become a tradition in many places. It’s a play that sneaks up on you and makes you feel the power and value of love and friendship. I hope it will give the audience the courage to tell someone in their life that they love them.

Cool. DH, are you reading this? Does this count as my love letter? Hey, do you want to go?

Love Letters @ Luna Stage
7 p.m., $30 each or $50 per couple
Buy tickets online or call 973-744-3309

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