Oh What a Beautiful Morning

sunrise2-10.jpgWaking early with young children has few benefits, but today I found one of them. This morning, the sunrise was so beautiful I felt like singing The Sound of Music or maybe Damn It Feels Good to be a Gangsta.

Here’s how the sun looked from my back porch, at left. The front of my house looks onto Bloomfield Avenue (yuck), but in the back, I can watch the sun rise over New York City. (Which you can’t exactly see because I am not the world’s best photographer.)

Hope you have a nice morning, afternoon and evening. We will because we don’t have to wear snow boots. Can you believe temperatures are supposed to get close to 50 today?

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  1. one benefit of having early risers! it was sooo beautiful! thanks to for this website!! if it wasn’t for your calendar I would have missed registration for little Y classes!!!
    xox Nancy

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