Police Nice in Verona After My Car Wreck

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I’m very lucky that I didn’t do any damage to anyone–or myself–last night when I wrecked my Volkswagen Beetle into a curb on Bloomfield Avenue in Verona.

was turning into a driveway, and I missed. The curb wouldn’t have done
much damage on it’s own, but an old parking meter pole was sticking up
out of the ground. I smacked into it and broke the front axle of the
car. I did serious damage to this little Beetle convertible (at left, girls just sitting in it last summer). Some autobody shop in town is going to get a nice paycheck.

But I
feel bad today. Just bad. First of all, I was careless. I was running
late to a meeting, and I totally blame myself for not paying enough
attention. Second, it’s going to be a very expensive mistake, and
wasting money right now stresses me out. Third, I’m worried that I’m
truly a crappy driver or that something’s going on with my eyesight.
This is the second time I’ve whacked into something I didn’t see in 4

Again, thank goodness I didn’t hurt anyone else or myself. But I definitely hurt my ego and wallet pretty badly. At least the Verona Police Department was way nice to me. I didn’t even need to call them. Officer Paige Parsells showed up, filed the report and let me stay warm in his SUV while he called the tow truck. Another officer gave me a courtesy ride a few blocks down to Avenue Bistro & Bar, where I finally met for a meeting. Avenue is pretty good, too.

Wait, maybe the police department worried that I might sue the town over the parking meter that was sticking up out of the ground waiting to kill somebody. I won’t. But who knows what my insurance company will do.

Anyway, I suggest that if you have a wreck, you do it in Verona. They’re much more pleasant than the officers in Glen Ridge. I got a speeding ticket there in my minivan, and sure, I deserved it. But the mean office who yelled at me that day also deserves some Prozac. Or something. I actually went to court in Glen Ridge to fight that ticket–it was totally excessive–and I won. That was another experience I will myself to forget, much like I try to forget giving birth to twins without much epidural.

So today, I’m trying to trick myself into feeling better. I might drown my self pity in vodka and cream-filled chocolate donuts.

Then I’m going
to try to be more positive and see this as a learning experience. (But
at my age, shouldn’t I know how to drive?) I’ll get my eyes checked
again. I’ll maybe admit that I’m not the best driver in New Jersey.

least my insurance agent–Ron DeMeyers State Farm in Montclair–was really nice to me, too. Sensing that I was down
in the dumps, one of his agents said, “Kristen, are you really all right?” When I
assured him that I was totally fine, he said: “Hold your head high, and
you make sure you have a nice day now.” I wondered for a second if I was back in my hometown of Louisville, Kentucky where it’s common for people to be that nice to each other.

Oh well, I’m fine even if my Beetle is in the car hospital.

Have you had wrecks around town?

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  1. you are very lucky. i did something similar in West Orange. i called the cops and they gave me a ticket for reckless driving.

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