Spring in February & Mommy Drama at Verona Park

sorenredcar.jpgVerona Park was hopping Wednesday in the balmy 60-degree weather. We at MontclairKids wouldn’t miss the local news involving our kids, so we went to the park to check things out. Luckily, we call this work.

It was nice to see a crowd outside enjoying Spring in February.

We didn’t mind standing in line for a swing. We didn’t even mind when a local mommy (yes, mommy) wouldn’t share her Little Tykes car with a handle. Her wee daughter didn’t give a poo about the toy, so my 17-month-old sat down in the red plastic seat. This mom told my baby to get out of the car, and when he did, she wiped the thing down with a baby wipe and some antibacterial lotion. She was so dramatic about it that I’m thinking she should try out for a play at Luna Stage. (See my baby high-jacking the car at left.)

veronapark2-11.jpgI’ll admit that my son stinks sometimes. And his face gets dirty when
he eats peas. But he smelled fine and looked nice in today’s springtime
air. We flipped her the bird (okay, maybe we just smiled) and moved
along to the monkey bars. While there, we saw a 5-year-old give her
mother a lot of neck-swinging attitude about wearing–or not wearing–a
jacket. But that mom was cool. She walked away, hands in the air. She didn’t care because she had to attend to her Blackberry.

We loved every minute. We’ll be back for more tomorrow. The weather
channel is promising sunny skies and a high of 52 on Thursday.

Did you get outside today?

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  1. That’s just sad and pathetic and offensive. You should have told the lady to go ahead and wipe down the entire playground with her antibacterial wipes.
    I feel bad for her little girl, having to be raised by such an ignorant and selfish woman.

  2. Was that toy a communal park toy, or did it belong to Antiseptic Mommy? If it did, maybe you should have asked permission! Common courtesy, you know?

  3. Good for the other woman for calling you on your –
    “My kid is sooooo cute he can use your stuff” attitude.
    I have to say your righteous post is hilarious. Get over yourself and watch your kid.

  4. George W. Bush had an aide squirt antibacterial gel on his hands the first time he shook hands with Barack Obama. So your son may have a great future ahead of him.

  5. Wow obviously you guys are not mothers of young children! That’s what kids do! They try to play with what other kids bring to the park. In fact my rule is, if you are going to bring it be prepared to share. Never once have I ever been to the park where a mother acted like that. They always say, “It’s okay” or “He can play with it for a bit.” Thank G-D I don’t go to the park with some of these commenters!

  6. In light of the fact that it is Feb and everyone is getting sick. Maybe that mom didn’t want your kid on her personal property. I would never let my children just hop into another child’s toy without asking. It appears that you should be less “offended” by the actions of others and focus more on redirecting and interacting with your kid.

  7. Ugh…please! Some you guys posting here act as if you don’t have children! Of course they’ll want to play with what is not theirs – and I’d be ok with it as long as my child wasn’t playing with the toy and if the childs Mom supervised him/her. I wouldn’t have a problem with lending the little darlings any of my kids toys! I’m from Verona and not all mommies are like that obnoxious cow.
    Kristin, your little cutie can play with my child’s toys anytime!

  8. Wait a second.. When you’re at a park and there’s Little Tyke toys around, it’s kind of an unwritten law that it’s ok to play with them. Kids don’t know what’s on or off-limits and there seems to be an understanding that ride-on toys are for sharing.
    As for the antispetic wipes.. Well her kiddo is going to be missing an awful lot of school one day. Everyone knows it’s good to let your kids be exposed to cooties early instead of keeping them in a bubble..

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