Verona: The Best Place for Minor Car Wrecks

If you feel like smashing your car into a large tree, fire hydrant or parking meter, I suggest you drive on over to Verona and do it. As I found out last night when I whacked my Beetle into a curb, Verona police officers are super nice. They’re kind of cute, too.
Click over to MontclairKids for the whole story.

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  1. This post is terrible. How long ago was Joseph Lunetta killed in a Verona car crash? Three weeks? Waiting a bit longer to crush over cute Verona cops would have been nice.
    I guess Random Act of Kindness Week is over on Baristanet.

  2. Sheesh, Nick. She hit a stump of an old parking meter, for goodness sake, not a person. The parking meter pole shouldn’t have been there in the first place.
    Almost every driver, in the course of their career, has some driving mishap. Finding the silver lining – in this case, nice cops – isn’t something bad. It doesn’t have anything to do with Joseph Lunetta.

  3. wait, the parking meter shouldnt have been there in the first place? So was the parking meter in the middle of the road, where the cars should be….. or was it on the sidewalk, where the car should NOT have been? What if there was a child standing in the spot where the parking meter was…. I would think a child should be safe on a sidewalk, and in that case, it would have been the drivers fault.

  4. I think accessing the story through the link could save some from wondering.
    (and I’m sorry for your loss Nick, it must have been personal for you to make that connection)

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