Warning: Your Kids Are Off School Next Week

villageplaygroup1.jpgYou probably already realize this, but Montclair public schools and most privates school are on Winter Break next week.

I love my three rugrats pumpkins, but I can’t spend every day with them Feb. 16 through 20.

I have a job–and I don’t mean this one at MontclairKids. I have a job that, like, pays.

I am lucky that I just ran into Sarah Cruz, owner of Village Play Room in Montclair. She’s running a camp for kids next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and she’ll take my twin 3-year-olds. She’s available for kids up through elementary school.

She’s my new best friend.

villageplaygroup2.jpgHer School’s Out Play Group costs $65 per day (10 percent off for additional kids, possible discounts for half-days) and will be open from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. It will take place at the Montclair Cooperative School on Chestnut Street.

Here’s more about The Village Play Group:

Kristen: Tell me about the Village Play Group.
Sarah Cruz: I started the program last year with 25 children from the Co-op and the Montclair Public Schools. I used to run the program at the former Montclair YWCA years ago, but we had no outdoor play area. At the Co-op, we have access to a wonderful outdoor play space, and we have the whole school to ourselves.

Kristen: What will the kids do all day?
Sarah Cruz: Each day we’ll play, do projects and crafts, group games and outdoor activities.

  • Monday is Games Galore. We will play games of all kinds, gym games, scavenger hunts, contests, board games and classic games of tag, basketball, and steal the bacon.  We even make our own games as a craft project.
  • Tuesday is Invention. Convention. Inspired by the Co-op’s study unit of New Jersey history, and our Famous Inventor Thomas Edison. Kids can get hands on with a variety of materials to make invention ideas come to life. 
  • Wednesday is Building Bonanza. With a unique combination of activities and games, with lots of building toys  and construction options for building castles, pagodas, pyramids. There will be lots of Art materials for sculptors and structure creators.

Kristen: I want to be a responsible parent and ask your about your background and qualifications.
Sarah Cruz: I have run the after school and summer camp programs since 1996 at Fairview Lake YMCA, Montclair YMCA and for the Hanover Township Schools. I now work with after school programs all over New Jersey, providing support and training to staff. I like running camps because I miss working with kids and playing. Everything is fun and educational.

Kristen: Do you still have room in next week’s camp?
Sarah Cruz: Yes.
Kristen: Can I give you a hug?

Email Sarah for more info, or call 973-768-3351.

What will you do with your kids over Winter Break?

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