Affordable Housing, For The Birds

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Over on West Passaic Avenue in Bloomfield, Sean Antosek, a general contractor who specializes in home improvement projects (decks, kitchen renovations), carpentry and handyman services, is doing what so many are doing — a little something extra to make ends meet. Driving by, his display caught my eye. Antosek was selling handmade bird houses for bluebirds, wrens and my favorite model home, the chickadee, for $25 and up. Beyond birdhouses, I got a look at Sean’s work and was impressed with the range of projects — everything from a gorgeous garden trellis and custom radiator covers to a home theater room and addition. To check out the birdhouses, walk or ride over to West Passaic Ave. To contact Sean for handyman work or other home projects, email him here.

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  1. Bird house prices never go down. If you don’t buy now you may be priced out of the market forever. Bird house mortgages have never been so competitive. I think I can get your birds in at an affordable rate. Sure, there is an ARM, you can refi later. I’m on the phone right now with BaA, Citigroup, etc…

  2. wow..what a tough crowd ( he said while tugging on his tie ), no respect at all for others….

  3. Cute quip, Mrs. Martta. I’ll bet you’re quite a gal.
    Hey folks, ever notice how birds seem to keep singing no matter which way the economy is heading?
    They keep eating and having kids, too. Why are humans behind the curve on this one?

  4. We could learn from birds. They live simply, and in tune with nature. But they most certainly do not need wooden houses built by the hand of man. Does anyone not see the irony here? Cutting down trees to make wood to make bird houses? Why not just kill the birds and replace their innards with gears and wiring while we’re at it?
    What we need is to return to nature. This spring, silence the lawn mowers and let your lawns grow wild. Let the saplings take root and push up to the sky. Let the wild animals take over. Don’t repair those sidewalks–let the “weeds” fill the cracks. We all know in our bosoms that there is no such thing as weeds or vermin (though our own species may qualify). Once we learn to let go, the birds will repopulate the trees and sing for us.
    Eventually (I know I’m a dreamer, but alas not the only one) we can go back to our roots, before the days of agriculture and mechanization, back to eating berries and mushrooms and playing the lyre.

  5. I had a dream last night that I found five of these in the middle of road on Grove St. So I rounded them up for an iPhone pic to send to Baristanet. I think I planned on bringing them to Liz’s house so she could write a Lost & Found post.

  6. “…everything from a gorgeous garden trellis and custom radiator covers to a home theater room and addition.”
    You do know that the Bloomfield property reval starts next month, don’t you? I hope Sean knows that, too. :)>

  7. Actually Conan, all those projects were in a photo album he showed me of jobs he completed for others — not work in his own house. So me thinks he is safe.

  8. Ah, I thought you toured his restored manse, not simply viewed his work in a photo album. Mea culpa! But did you see anything worth turning someone in to the taxman for? The rewards can be decent, you know…

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