Monk is Missing Found

UPDATE: The dog is now reunited with its family.
This cute little beagle, Monk, is missing from the Douglas Road neighborhood of Glen Ridge.

Monk is sweet, but not very bright, and he’s wearing a red collar. If you’re out walking your dog, he’ll probably bark and try to play.

If you see him, call his owner, Christina, at 973.748.9590.

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  1. I bet he’ll be home soon. He probably went out searching for food, a common Beagle past-time.
    If you got to get lost, you could do worse than Douglas Road. It’s a great street.

  2. Hope Mr. Monk goes home soon.
    This morning, I saw a guy walking a spaniel puppy without a leash along Bloomfield Avenue near the parking lot at Highland Avenue in Glen Ridge Cars pulling in and out of the lot and all that zooming traffic on the Avenue. Oy! Not too swift that dog parent.

  3. “All the single doggies, all the single doggies, all the single doggies…
    If you like it, then you gotta put a leash on it, if you like it then you gotta put a leash on it!”
    I sing that to my dog. I hope Mr. Monk and his family are reunited.

  4. I lived on Douglas Rd for 14 years. Great street, except a block away and you are in Montclair, also you are close to Glenfield park depending on what side of douglas you live on, and could easily get picked up

  5. Awwww, doggie cute!
    I hope he wasn’t lured in to a Sopwith Camel by a stranger Red Baron.

  6. Just wanted to let you know that Monk is now home, clean (boy, did he find something stinky to roll in!), and enjoying a special treat (not that he deserves it). Thanks to the kind stranger who called in a stray dog, Melissa at Montclair Animal Control for picking him up, and Debbie for posting this. (Animal Control saw Monk’s picture on Baristanet before they even got my message asking if they’d seen him!)
    And thanks to everyone here for you good wishes…

  7. I’m so glad that Monk is home!
    I was pretty worried when I read the post (we have three dogs).
    Great news!

  8. You would run away too if your family repeatedly told everyone that you “aren’t that bright”.

  9. Many years ago, my wife owned a large, macho, male Beagle, ‘Skippy’. ‘Skippy’ would burrow under their back yard fence on garbage day to search for food. He’d be gone for several hours and return home with a stomach full of pizza crusts and God knows what else.
    Skippy once snatched a sandwich right out of my hand and when I reached to get it back he let me know in no uncertain terms, that I wasn’t going to get it.
    He once launched himself from a staircase, completely through a glass door at a terrified pizza delivery man. Luckily for the delivery guy, Skippy was dazed by his flight and passage through the door. He needed several stitches to close a gash in his leg.
    Skippy collapsed in my truck one frozen Saturday in Brookdale Park after happily skittering around on the ice. He never recoverd after that and was euthanized a couple of days later.
    Skippy was an alpha male and slightly crazy but I still loved him anyway.

  10. .. this is my last ‘Skippy’ story, I swear…
    He once got thoroughly soaked by a skunk. My wife’s father, Bob, brought him in the house and then went to buy tomato juice (good for washing skunk soaked pets) from the local supermarket. Bob smelled so bad the checker pointed and shouted “Aisle seven” before he was more than 10 feet inside the store.
    A year later, I could still smell skunk on Skippy if he got wet or it was a really humid day.

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