Obama’s 100 Days: What Do Teens & Moms Think?

Wednesday, Apr 29, 2009 7:30am

Lisa Prince 4.jpgShortly after I turned 18, I was able to vote for our 42nd president, William Jefferson Bill Clinton. At the time, the nation was excited. We were out with George H. W. Bush and his Gulf War policies. We were in with a new Democratic future.
Obama’s first 100 days have a similar feel–only this time the issues seem more important and historic and intense.
Today’s high school kids feel connected to politics just like I did. See the Shorter kids who attended the inauguration in the photo. From left are Austin, 10, Julian, 5, and Jasper, 12. They went to the inauguration, and -their mom, Lisa Prince, blogged for us about the trip.
Keep reading for kids’ current thoughts on this historic presidency. And check out yesterday’s article where little kids give their advice on how Obama should celebrate.

Noah Levinson, 16, junior at Glen Ridge High School, member of politics club (and, full disclosure, Debbie Galant of Baristanet’s son)

“Living in a liberal neighborhood in a liberal high school, it’s the first time where the president isn’t the bad guy. It always seemed that we were angry at the authority–students as well as adults. I think Obama still has to prove himself, but I absolutely approve of the way he’s been running things since he came into office.”

Aliyah Toler, 14, freshman at Montclair High School

“His presidency has affected me because it shows that anyone can do anything they set their mind to, and that I can do anything, too. It’s opened my eyes to what’s happening around the world and what our country is going through.”

I also video blogged my feelings as a mom on Obama’s 100 days for the Annie E. Casey Foundation. They are posting parents’ opinions all day, just click the button below.

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