Postcard from Phi Phi Island, Thailand

Imagine the surprise that ex-Montclairion Prescille Cernosia felt when she saw this dress, made out of a Tinga t-shirt, while traveling in Thailand last weekend.

Hi Baristanet –
I moved to Singapore with my family after living in Montclair for several years. I was traveling in Phi Phi Island (it is located off the coast of Phuket, Thailand) last weekend with friends and came across a piece of home! What a welcome surprise to see one of my neighborhood restaurants made into a dress by a woman living on the Island. Apparently, shirts like these are donated and the designer makes them into dresses, bags, and other clothing items.
Happy Spring!
Prescille Cernosia

When we pressed her for more details — how much was it? did she buy it? tell us more about your family — she wrote back.

I was so surprised to see it. I would’ve bought it, but, despite the shirt, it was a pretty ugly dress. It sounds like random travelers come into the store and see their hometown stores on shirts all the time! However, Phi Phi tends to be visited by Europeans, so it was quite surprising to see an East Coast restaurant. I happened to meet some girlfriends for the weekend who were traveling from NYC.
cernosia family.jpgWe moved to Singapore last summer when my husband took a new job. We lived in Upper Montclair for about 7 years and coincidentally moved into a building where some old Montclair neighbors also live! One of my good friends here is also an MKA grad–talk about a small world. Our children, ages 7, 5, and 4 love being here despite the lack of seasons (there are two–rainy and hot and rainy–no joke) and the consistently 80+ degree weather/100% humidity all year round. It is located only 80 miles from the equator. In addition, it is so centrally located that we have had a chance to travel all over SE Asia including Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and hope to check Cambodia, Vietnam, Maldives, China and some others off of our list next year.
I was quite active in the community both with the Junior League Montclair-Newark and school, but luckily, there are lots of ways to stay active here.
Baristanet has been a great way for me to stay in touch with the Montclair community and feel like I’m not missing home too much, so thank you!
Prescille Cernosia
ps – Please send my best to Liz. My son and Ava attended St. James together.

Thanks Prescille for the shout-out from overseas. And other displaced Montclairions (or Ridgers or Bloomfielders), who are catching up on the home front via Baristanet, please send us your postcard and say hi to the folks back home.

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  1. Phi Phi is a beautiful island. Watch out for the monkeys, though, they’ll steal your lunch. I saw one snatch a pudding cup right out of a tourist’s bag.
    (No word on whether he hurled it at another monkey, however…)

  2. Junior League Montclair-Newark is such a great organization to be part of. My sister, Heather Brown was very active and met some great people through JLMN

  3. I wonder if there are any Montclair Video dresses out there. Mother’s Day is coming up, after all.

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