A Book Lovers Weekend

Tonight Watchung Booksellers will be holding Writing Matters: A Dialog on the Craft of Business of the World at 8:30 p.m.7 pm.
Upcoming book events this weekend:
Saturday Baristanet’s own Debbie Galant will be at the Fine Grind from 10 am to noon.

“Thurman Munson Remembered”, will be held this Sunday at the Yogi Berra Museum & Learning Center at Montclair State University.
August 2
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  1. “Saturday Baristanet’s own Debbie Galant will be at the Fine Grind from 10 to 12 p.m.”
    Signing? Anything in particular? Speaking? Just drinking coffee? Wiping down tables? Flirting with cathar?

  2. I’m telling you, ROC, the grownups have left for the weekend and the interns have taken over.

  3. George Bernard Shaw once received an invitation: Lady Tillingham-Swarthmore will be at home Thursday between four and six. GBS returned the card. Underneath her message, he had scrawled: Mr. George Bernard Shaw likewise.

  4. Actually, the event at Watchung Booksellers is “Writing Matters: A Dialog on the Craft and Business of Words”.
    This error should have been readily evident by virtue of the fact that “Writing Matters: A Dialog on the Craft of Business of the World” doesn’t really make sense when one reads it, hence I checked it out on the Watchung Bookseller’s website.
    How ironic, yet unsurprising, that the title of an event on “Writing Matters” was mangled in a post on blog in which the stock-in-trade is the written word.
    Really, self-editing seems to be a lost art. It’s most noticeable in our local weeklies, such as Bloomfield Life and The Independent Press (the local beat reporter for which has a particularly amateurish and atrocious writing style), but lack of good editing seems to be creeping like ever-advancing kudzu into almost everything these days. Or, should I write that as, “these day’s”.

  5. Pork Roll, while I agree with your sentiments above completely, professional copy editing is also almost totally non-existent lately, the same as self-editing. Not a day goes by when I don’t find at least a few misuses of “its” and “it’s” at the Star-Ledger.
    But even on this site where the attention to proofing and grammar appears spotty at best (even on slow news days), things have much improved since the days of, if you remember her, Deirdre (“of the grammatical sorrows”) Day McLeod, who once ran the weekend shift at Baristanet and was either pushed or removed herself from grace in shame after way many complaints from readers. And hi, Debbie!!!
    By the way, walleroo, I’m having so much fun the last few days “voting” that I might not even bother to post in the future. I’ll just vote!

  6. I will be signing books, if the books arrive in time. Otherwise, I will just be sitting there with my laptop trying to ignore the absence of a crowd.

  7. Jeepers, I’m starting to tear up. I would come by just to cheer you up, but I’ll be out of town, alas. Many people are this time of year. Maybe that has something to do with it. Maybe there’s a little league team or a youth orchestra or a summer camp group we could send your way? Bodies! We need bodies!

  8. I didn’t see a link to Fine Grind’s address.
    Not only have they moved out of their original Main St digs, They now have TWO locations in Little Falls:
    101 Rt 23(973-837-0199), and 7A Paterson Ave(973-339-9640).

  9. No, just “Fear and Yoga” in paperback. They’re having local authors in every Saturday. But I do have a new novel, “Cars From a Marriage,” coming out next summer.
    Sorry Geoff. It was at the Pompton Turnpike location.

  10. I actually thought it was that place in Watchung Plaza, so I went Saturday morning. I was surprised when I got there and it was “Orbis.”
    Sorry, Debbie..I tried.

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