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  1. I suppose we can conclude that beer in the afternoon makes the composition of online polls more unintelligible.

  2. I think for extra $$ the baristas are taking online surveys, er, having us do them! I think you are taking this “work from home” thing too far Deb!

  3. Racial harmony and beer refers to the “beer summit” the president is having this evening with Professor Gates and the policer officer from Cambridge responsible for his arrest.

  4. This whole story is virtually irrelevant.
    The real story is police have too much power, are unchecked, act illegally, and are too active in much of daily life. Decriminalize as may things as possible, cut their budgets to the bone, put them under firm constitutional and legal restraints and create an outside court and prosecutorial system specifically focused on crimes committed by police.

  5. ‘Boilermakers’ can contribute to an atmosphere of mutual respect and other kinds of neat stuff.

  6. That Obama let loose with an unscripted (unteleprompted?) dumb, reductive comment of: Let’s have a beer is funny on its face.
    When no one even remotely believes that beer drinking is a part of his or Gates’ life.
    It would have been great if the cop said, “I hate beer and much prefer a nice, earthy Zinfandel.”
    And yes, he was a fool to make his own stupid comment without all the info.
    Clearly, protecting his friends is more important than gathering facts.
    (And I must say, how uninformed are you to not immediately know what this post is about? You do know Michael Jackson died, right?)

  7. What do you mean prof? Black men don’t drink beer? Or presidents and professors don’t drink beer? Not even occasionally? Must even the most simple gestures be dissected?

  8. It’s good to see that Baristaville’s own version of a caped crusader (of sorts), laserlad, is willing to weigh in with his usual degree of dumbness as to what future course the police should take.
    Never been mugged, eh mikey? Not terribly bothered by the scabrousness and public violence of drug dealers? Don’t mind paying extra for the most mundane of goods because of the greed of organized crime? Don’t much like cops at all if it comes to that?
    Trust me, mikey, of all posters here you are probably among the least likely anyone else would choose to have a beer with. (And I’ve actually turned you down!)

  9. Considering Obama’s bowling prowess, no, I don’t think beer is something he “drinks” unless a constituency requires. Here, that’s blue collar cops.
    But since I oddly fit into your listed criteria, I already know a black, male prof who enjoys a beer every now and again.
    And a Zinfandel.
    And homemade sweet tea.
    But Obama and Skippy?
    I’m. Not. Buying. It.
    Hell, I’d believe Michelle enjoyed a beer more than I do Obama.
    And there’s nothing wrong with that, save for his trying to “be down” with the little, beer drinking, blue collar folk.
    All because he rushed to judge the police, and said something off the cuff (like his Special Olympics comment about his bowling….).
    THIS is why he needs a teleprompter!!!

  10. Hallelujah! The lasered one is back, as in the days of old!
    I couldn’t agree more, Herr Doktor Professor Laser. Those police ought to be locked up. But who, then, would arrest them?

  11. OK, it makes for a nice photo op, that’s about it. (Everything with this guy is a photo op). And everyone can go back to hating one another tomorrow.

  12. Why are people overanalyzing the choice of beer? I guess by people I mean you, prof. It’s mildly interesting, “Hmmm, Obama chose Bud Light over Bud Lime on a hot summer’s night?” But that’s about it. You’re looking a little too deep here for evidence that supports your strong belief that Obama is a schmuck.
    What is there to buy? He spoke of the incident honestly (which doesn’t work in politics these days) and probably regrets it but he has handled it well by bringing these two people together. Who gives a crap whether they were drinking barley and hops, Boones, vodka or chocolate milk.

  13. (Everything with this guy is a photo op).
    Mission Accomplished!
    And everyone can go back to hating one another tomorrow.
    Oh the white folks hate the black folks
    And the black folks hate the white folks.
    To hate all but the right folks
    Is an old established rule.

  14. tudlow,
    I don’t question his choice of beer, I question beer in general, because O only drinks it when he’s with folks he THINKS drink it.
    I’m sure when he’s on vacation in Martha’s Vineyard he’ll be drinking lots of beer……
    And did you see the dumb pix? Mrs. Martta is right on the money– photo op, so as his poll #’s tank, and Obamacare dies, he decides to drink beer because he- the smartest man to ever be President- spoke without his teleprompter?
    And what if it wasn’t his pal, Skippy?
    I’m sure it would have been what it should have been: a local issue.

  15. Of course I know you are all in a tizzy because you think Obama is being a poseur by drinking beer and especially such a low brow beer as BL. Right, he’s pandering to all those not-so-smart cops who aren’t refined enough to drink more sophisticated drinks such as Zinfandel. Have you seen the pictures of Obama in college? That dude was smoking joints and drinking beer. Smart people like beer, too. Sheesh.
    All the Republicans like politicians who speak straightforward and from the heart, right? Oh yes, like she who must not be named. So here we have Obama speaking candidly and look how you and the rest of the haters react. His pal Skippy is a distinguished professor at Harvard who was arrested in his own home and that is what I think Obama was reacting to. Sure, Gates was angry and belligerent and sounds like at the time he fit the stereotype of an angry black man but maybe, just maybe, a different course besides arresting him could have been taken. Charges were quickly dropped so is that perhaps evidence that he should not have been arrested?
    It seems to be that Obama wants everyone to reflect and move on. He answered a single question after talking about what he really wants the country to focus on–health care. This is probably the last thing he wanted, but he made the best out of the situation. He made beer out of lemons.
    Now, might I recommend a Michelob Ultra for you? Move on. (To your next trivial grievance with Obama, I’m sure.)

  16. (… yawn… huh?…. what?…. wake me with September ends…)
    But I’ll play:
    I don’t care what beer he drinks, and I certainly won’t slag a guy for drinking a bud.
    But your idea that a cop must alter his arrest based on the esteemed Mr. Gates, is nuts.
    Perhaps Gates, when realizing the cop was looking for a potential burglar in GATES’ HOUSE, should have been a wee bit more appreciative and cooperative.
    Gates is no poor black kid in a stop and frisk. The cop explained why he was there. But Gates sees ANY interaction with a cop as racial.
    For me, the fact that Gates wouldn’t expect someone to call the cops as he attempted to “Jimmy the lock” is the problem here.
    On my palatial Upper Montclair Estate, I would hope that if someone saw me or anyone shouldering my way into the North Wing would call the cops.
    In fact, when I moved in two friends– both white females- were sitting in the window of the front porch and guess what?
    A cop pulled up and asked what they were doing.
    Both women have gone on to champion the fate of white women gender/racial profiling, sadly, it’s gone nowhere.
    Jokes aside, this is all of Obama’s doing, because he spoke without knowing the facts, we can agree on that, right?
    And kiss Obamacare goodbye because he lost a full week of media time from his own dumb words.

  17. Sure, prof, we can agree that Obama should have had the facts when he spoke. In fact, I’m pretty sure he said the same thing.
    I’m no big fan of Gates, had never even heard of him before this incident and he sounds a little difficult, I must admit. I still think that cooler heads should have prevailed but I think there are many more pressing things to think about, actually.
    Seems a little far reaching to draw the conclusion that a health care bill won’t pass because of this media fascination with Obama’s words. I’m thinking it’s more because of the Blue Dogs (now THERE’S a great name for a beer) and DeMint who wants this to be Obama’s Waterloo.
    Toodle loo.

  18. (prof SHOCKED you never heard of Gates… Or seen his PBS specials, read his books, heard him on NPR, seen him on BET or Tavis Smiley… This is not the kind of thing you say out loud in certain company, for fear they may think you’re an uneducated rube…. Which may then explain, why you don’t understand how skeptical I am of his “beer” drinking.)

  19. Yeah, kind of weird, aye? I am obviously no African American Studies scholar. I’m sure I have heard him on NPR but I didn’t pay attention to the name. I’ll have to pay a little more attention from this point forward.
    An uneducated rube you say? You do seem to have a lot of confidence in your level of intellect and knowledge. I’ve been reading your posts for a while now and I find that confidence to be rather puzzling.

  20. In fact, when I moved in two friends– both white females- were sitting in the window of the front porch and guess what? A cop pulled up and asked what they were doing.
    Oh, well then that settles it, prof! White chicks are profiled as much as black guys. End of controversy!
    I think the real problem here is that an older gentleman was arrested in his own home for talking back to a cop. Am I wrong, or are citizens not allowed to criticize the government anymore? Pity the uppity Mr. Gates didn’t realize that. He would have spared us all a week of nonsense by bowing to the brave police officer and saying how sorry he was that he was in his own home and didn’t feel like complying with the officer’s orders.

  21. I think all 3 men acted dumb, the professor, the cop and the President. Now can this story end already? We’ve got a fiscal crisis and a war on our hands.

  22. I guess its a good thing that the good Dr. Gates didn’t encounter Officer Justin Barrett on his doorstep, for if he had then the “banana-eating jungle monkey” might now be in the hospital or the morgue for having the temerity to mouth off to a policeman while in his own home.
    From over here in the Emerald Isle, I find it to be a scream that some feel that drinking beer is the act of a poseur, and that Obama only does it because he feels that “regular” folks do. That tells me, frankly, that the condescension towards “regular” folks comes from the critics, not from Obama. I WILL own that, in his private moments, Obama probably does not choose Bud Lite if there are other options, just as I feel certain that Pappy Bush did not chow down on pork rinds up in Kennebunkport when a fine Brie was being passed around.
    Dr. Gates, like many, has had encounters with police officers that would tend to give him (and those others) a level of distrust and fear that can be understood, if not always excused. Likewise, many police officers have had encounters with minorities that might tend to make them equally distrustful and fearful. Where is the news here? How has this morphed into some sort of revelation?
    I would agree that Obama’s best response to the question on this incident when first asked at the news conference would have been to state that it is a local incident and will be handled by those who have the facts. But he didn’t do that, and so now his health care reform is doomed?

  23. What’s really funny (and sad), croiagusanam, is the criticism of Obama from national media figures, whose argument was, “Wow, Obama was really stupid to talk about Gates, since he knew that’s all we would talk about.”
    Yes, I guess it was stupid of him to think that, after 60 minutes of health care questions, people like Joe Scarborough, Tina Brown, Chris Matthews, et al wouldn’t spend the next two weeks talking about something so inconsequential as an old disorderly conduct arrest. That they seem to brag about wasting their time on this nothing issue is even more appalling.
    What can you expect when Drudge rules their world?

  24. HEY croiagusanam!!!! I was just telling mrs. prof how I haven’t seen you name and hoped everything was okay. Hope your homeland- I believe you spoke of Ireland as home (forgive me if I’m wrong)- is doing fine. And despite everything, please know this: you were missed!!!!

  25. Nick, Gates was arrested because this dumb cop was like, tudlow here, didn’t know who he was (Gates said as much).
    Moreover, I believe Gates only showed a school ID, which does not have an address on it. But it did say HARVARD FACULTY, which should have signaled to the dumb cop to back off.
    But forgive the cop for investigating a potential robbery at Gates’ house.
    Most folks would be understanding and happy that the cops came, risking life for his property.
    But when you are the esteemed (not in tudlow’s eye, because he never heard of him) Harvard Professor, you get mad.
    I used to have great admiration for Gates, sadly this incident showed me who he really is.

  26. Welcome back, the loony laser lad has resurfaced. And the disjointed ill thought ideas just keep on comin
    How come with ‘Odumba’ making all of his stereotypical comments aimed at cops that more of the media isn’t incensed? This man has a history of working and associating with individuals and groups who hate whites yet the sympathetic media gives him a daily free pass.
    When is the media going to look at him through the same prism as a republican president?

  27. Everything is fine in the Isle of Saints and Scholars prof. Thanks for asking!
    Everyone’s broke over here, of course. And the unemployment rate is through the roof. But there is socialized medicine, so when folks get sick they can piss and moan on the government teat.
    I think that your conversations with Mrs. Prof might better be centered on just what those two (white) women were doing in your window when you moved in. If I were the good Mrs. Prof, I’d want answers.
    Good luck with that one! As one who is thrice married (and divorced), I can’t help you on this one.

  28. “When is the media going to look at him through the same prism as a republican president?”
    When pigs fly.

  29. Ice and Mrs. M – I guess you two haven’t noticed that the general thread here is about how much negative media attention this trivial matter has received.

  30. If only we were discussing universal health care– something I’m all for.
    I still cannot believe we don’t have it because the system we have, while it works for most, doesn’t work for those who most need it (about 10 million, not 50 as many claim).
    Coupling health insurance with employment (I know it was to get around wage freezes) was a BIG mistake.
    However, the Obama plan is as unworkable as it is unexplainable. Because if there is a “Public Option” why would an employer spend the money on offering it to employees?
    And taxing MY plan to pay for it? That’s a step away from taxing the free internet I get at work, or the free parking, or any other perk of employment.
    But hey, let’s just get the rich to foot the bill…….
    I wish he would have really worked for change and offered Universal Health Care. Easy to explain, fair and simple.
    As for the 2 women……
    I will take your advice and shut up!!!

  31. Ice – Your complaints about the big bad liberal media rings a little hollow since the last 9 days have seen them blast the president almost night and day (rivaling the Michael Jackson coverage, almost) for daring to have an opinion about something he was asked about. Just because they didn’t call him a monkey, as you have, doesn’t mean they aren’t critical.
    As for prof, I don’t think anyone’s ever said the cop shouldn’t have been investigating the alleged burglary. I sure didn’t. But arresting an old guy with a cane for talking back to a government official smacks of totalitarianism. The fact that the disorderly conduct charge was thrown out should be proof enough that this was a stupid arrest. But don’t say so or teh white mens will feel put upon and sad! Poor white men. They really have it tough now that they can’t handcuff uppity college professors without everyone making a federal case about it.
    It makes me laugh to think how everyone would be reacting if Crowley were a federal agent and Gates a white Christian stashing tons of ammo in his house. Something tells me Rush, Hannity, Drudge and the other psychos wouldn’t be singing the praises of Crowley.

  32. Lot of “IF’S” there Nick, if only Gates had his keys, if only Gates called a locksmith instead of trying to what? Break the door down? If only……
    Listen, I don’t care about him one bit. And that he thinks this has ANYTHING to do with racial profiling is a slight to those black and latino’s who really are the victims of racial profiling.
    And don’t read too much into the charge being thrown– happens everyday for lots of reasons.
    Here, it might have simply been to get rid of a pain in the ass.
    However, from this incident, one thing is clear: Gates is a jerk, the President NEEDS a telepromtper ALL THE TIME, and the cop is gentleman.

  33. Ha- Ha How contived this whole “Beer Summit” farce is. I’m a little annoyed Officer Crowley got involved in that joke. Obama looks as natural drinking a Bud as he does shooting hoops. It’s all such a farce its humorous. “look at me, I’m a regular guy”. Case and point, regular guys just don’t have 1 mug of beer, where was the cooler? and Biden w/ his non-achlolic beer, lol..Be a man and have a soda and don’t follow Obamas script. Obama trying to come across as a everyday Joe when he’s trying to push his socialist agenda.

  34. In case anyone bothered to read the account of the woman who placed the 911 call to the police: Nowhere is there any mention or reference to the fact that Prof. Gates (or his companion) was black. Basically, she reported that she saw “two men” trying to enter the home.
    So yeah, like Prof., I’m sick of the race card being pulled for things which have no racial overtones. It IS a slap in the face to those who are truly being profiled because of their race.
    Obama was out of line. At the time he made his comment, he had not seen the police report, had not spoken with anyone. The one time he spoke without the aid of a teleprompter, he screws up royally.

  35. You missed the point Mrs. M. The cops, Gates and the media pulled the race card. It’s not about the call. Obama’s response was not unsolicited. So blame the media for blowing it out of proportion.

  36. “…the cop is gentleman.”
    Unless you have the nerve to yell at him while you’re in your own home. Then he’s a thug.

  37. “In case anyone bothered to read the account of the woman who placed the 911 call to the police: Nowhere is there any mention or reference to the fact that Prof. Gates (or his companion) was black. Basically, she reported that she saw “two men” trying to enter the home.”
    I did read that Mrs. M and the part that really caught my interest is the part where the police report states the officer spoke to this woman at the scene, when he did not speak to her at teh scene or at all.
    Again – all 3 men acted dumb. Time to all say opps, sorry and let this end.
    “showed a school ID, which does not have an address on it. But it did say HARVARD FACULTY, ”
    I thought a school Id is not considered an ID unless you are under the driving age. Kids I knew made a small fortune selling fake ID to come FL college when I was younger, so being in the Harvard area they are probably very common fakes.

  38. herbie, one says “case in point” rather than “case and point”. Even regular guys know that.
    I’ve seen footage of Obama playing hoops — he looks pretty good to me. Better, I’m guessing, than you. Or most men his age.
    And of course after playing a few games of hoops, which he used to do a few times a week, I’m sure he and his mates retired to a nice tavern for some chilled pinot. Never a beer! That certainly wouldn’t go with basketball!

  39. We will never be free of racism until all millionaire black Harvard professors can tell any cop “you don’t know who you are messing with” without fear of arrest.

  40. The president drinking a beer….shock….gasp!!!
    The president showing consistant ability to handle “mistakes” and find solutions…. unbeleivable!
    It seems that we are over analyzing this one just a bit. The cop and the prof (the one from Harvard)seem anxious to work things out and the president did a good job of correcting a “stupid” comment.
    It seems as if some people here are a bit sensitive about the dumb comment legacy of the last president and are trying to prove that he wasn’t any dumber than the average guy….and I agree!
    btw, I suggest Warsteiner…all the taste with none of the bite.

  41. 40 US soldiers killed in Afghanistan during July. Where is the liberal outrage at the wanton imperialistic policies of Odumba? Where are the anti-war rallys?

  42. The one time he spoke without the aid of a teleprompter, he screws up royally. – Mrs. Martta
    Mrs. Martta, I am surprised. This type of overstatement doesn’t suit you.

  43. Sorry, Iceman if no one told you, most liberals support the Afghanistan war, and have done so since 911. They also supported World War 2, and the northern side of the Civil War, etc.

  44. (Can we at least agree that using race as an identifier is useful? The idea that someone calls 911 when seeing “two men” shouldering a door and NO ONE cares about the race of the men is dumb and takes PC TOO FAR. Because then, ANY TWO MEN near the scene of the crime are suspicious. Are we to take out gender next? “I just saw two humans jimmying a lock…” Well that narrows it down… And I hope that in Prof. Gates’ new research on racial profiling he will learn that it involves acting on race BEFORE any suspicion is raised, in fact the race IS the suspicion. Here, two MEN were seen at his house. The cop found a MAN. The cop questioned the MAN. How is this racial profiling?)

  45. I don’t think that Ice can help himself. It is really rather sad, when you consider it. Ice’s posts are beginning to read like the sort of things written from basements by unhinged comspiracy theorists.
    Here of course, Obama can’t win. If he pulled the US out of Afghanistan, he be excoriated by Ice and his like-minded demogogues for “cutting and running”. If he stayed in place, he’d be scolded for not making any “progress”. And if he increases troop levels (as he’s done, and been called soft on terrorism nonetheless), then we get this “wanton, imperialistic” nonsense. It really isn’t about a real dialogue or a close examination of policy. It is about finding any reason to slam Obama. And of course, to whine about how “if this were (insert Bush, Palin, etc., etc.) then the (insert media, Dems, etc. etc.) would be all over him/her/them”.
    It is a never-ending whine that discredits a great political party (the Republicans) and makes the whingers sound like obnoxious middle-schoolers outraged that Heather got an “A” while we only got a “C”.
    Not fair!!! Waaaaahh!

  46. In fairness, I’ve mentioned that many of Obama’s policies are Bush’s third term. But you can’t do that AND criticize Obama’s actions on those policies.
    He inherited a mess in Afghanistan (I leave Iraq out of it, because that war was as “won” as it was going to be before he took office.
    So now he’s able to focus on Afghanistan– doing what he said he’d do.
    I have no problems there.
    And Ice, you cannot blame the media for its lack of attention of Afghanistan. Listen to NPR, they’ve done some outstanding reporting from there in the last month. Extraordinary. Likewise, Michael Yon has some on the ground reporting that is beyond “the media”. It’s there for you to find.
    But were you really expecting more from cable news when they had Michael Jackson’s death and Gates Gate?

  47. But you see, Iceman, Croiag lays out his points very well, and ends with a clever flourish. Cathar presents is a similar fashion.
    You could learn a thing or two from them.

  48. “most liberals support the Afghanistan war, and have done so since 911. They also supported World War 2, and the northern side of the Civil War, etc.”
    Amazing that anyone can confuse today’s liberals with the liberals of the past. You are as dumb as your handle.

  49. Of course they are the same liberals.
    They are older now. Some are in their 70’s and 80’s. They served in WW2 and voted for Obama
    .I could give you a very long list of names but I am sure you’d paint swastikas on their houses.
    Your post is proof that if someone wants to believe something and has no facts, they make new facts up.

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