Burger Invasion

bobbyburger2.jpgHappy Days are here again. The burgers, fries and shakes that recall that bygone Fonzie era are back in force. Pictured, the Crunchburger (an Angus beef patty with double cheese and potato chips) at Bobby’s Burger Palace in Paramus’ Bergen Town Center mall. One of Bobby Flay’s string of burger joints, the BBP features sophisticated burger offerings, ginormous beer battered onion rings, sweet potato fries and shakes and malteds including classics like Black and White and the newbies Blueberry Pomegranate, Mango and Coconut. Full menu here.
Closer to Baristaville, sliders rule at Buffies Baby Burgers — just a stone’s throw away in Cedar Grove. The vibe here is more of a throwback to the ’60s, with hot dogs, chicken nuggets and ice cream also on the menu.
Elevation Burger, which has the burgers-fries-shakes formula down, too, will open in Montclair within the next two weeks. The twist? Burgers are organic, grass-fed, free range beef. Besides a new burger spot downtown, the aforementioned Five Guys Burgers and Fries comes to Upper Montclair; the chain takes a spot in the Olympic building and has won fans over with a menu featuring burgers with a host of free toppings.

So you’ve got a lot of choices — what’s your best burger experience?

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  1. I have been enjoying Five Guys in Wayne for quite some time. I think the burgers are really tasty, with nice griddled flavor. They are not gourmet foodie burgers and are always cooked to well-done (which I normally don’t like). To me, they taste like good back-yard barbecue burgers, soft bun and all. Nothing fancy. And when their fries are good, they are good! I thought BBP was just not worth the trip, though I liked the giant onion rings.

  2. Five Guys burgers and hand-made fries (cooked in peanut oil) are great, looking forward to the closer location to home. Have not heard any rave reviews for Bobby Flay’s burgers, so I’m not eager to make the trip just yet. Looking forward to trying Elevation Burger for the organic, sustainable experience. Has anyone seen the movie “Food, Inc” at the Clairidge yet?
    Now if only we could get a Montclair outpost of Momofuku Milk Bar so I can get my Crack pie, Compost cookies, and fresh ice creams without trekking into the city …

  3. I can’t wait for Elevation Burger’s vegan burger & fries! Plus, I’ve been craving Stewart’s root beer, and I know they’ll have it there.

  4. I went to Burger Deluxe on Rt 23N the other night at the recommendation of someone who said it was the best burger ever. My opinion – meh! Nothing to write home about.
    The original standard will always be a Tierney’s burger with Fuddruckers making due in a pinch.

  5. We were in Hackensack yesterday and stopped at a local 5 Guys Burger, just to see what we in Baristaville were in store for.
    It was a miserable experience. Of the three burgers we ordered, 2 were wrong. When I went back with the two to be corrected…one of THOSE was wrong. I went back to the counter, and the counterperson (a young woman) rudely informed me that I had gotten what I asked for. I explained that I would NEVER have asked for a cheeseburger, and she still insisted that they gave me what I asked for.
    I ended up throwing it out, and vowing never to go there again, even if someone else was paying.
    I hope this kind of creepy customer service isn’t the corporate culture.

  6. dane,
    I’ve been to the Five Guys on Vauxhall Rd on the Union-Millburn border a number of times, and I have never had a problem with the service or the accuracy of my order. I suggest that your experience may be the exception to the typical Five Guys encounter. Perhaps the Hackensack store is simply poorly managed. In any event, you might want to give them another shot when the Upper Montclair store opens soon.

  7. Anyone know when 5 Guys is finally opening? I thought it was supposed to be open several months ago. If the town needs $, why don’t they stop dragging their feet when it comes to permits etc. for new stores/restaurants?

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