Burgers And More Come To Former Olympic Store

Been wondering what’s coming to the newly renovated Olympic building? The New Sun Spa moves from its location on Lorraine into its new digs. Joining the tanning emporium and Jafajems, who is combining their Church Street and Valley Road locations into one large store on the ground level, is Anytime Fitness, a gym open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. That’s good because you’ll want to work out if you become a regular at Five Guys Burgers and Fries. The chain is opening in the old Olympic space as well; back story on the Arlington, VA-born burger chain here.
Five Guys is the latest in a Jersey burger boite invasion. For more on that, go to Food.

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  1. Damn! I was so excited about Five Guys Burgers and Fries, until I visited their website and read that they only use peanut oil. My daughter has a severe peanut allergy, so we won’t be getting our burgers there. Oh well, I’m excited for Elevation Burger and I love Bobby’s Burger Palace in Paramus.

  2. It’s good to see so many new businesses coming to town… Now if only some of those empty Bloomfield Ave locations could get rented.

  3. Is today Burger day?
    What with the Times’ Dining section’s feature on them and now this?
    Or is this another Baristanet “taking” of a “real” journalistic piece, eh, Mr. Porter?
    So we get $10 ice cream at Stone Cold instead of Carvel, $10 coffee at Starbucks instead of D&D, and $10 burgers Elevation/5 Guys instead of Tierney’s.
    What’s next?

  4. Elevation is gonna need a lot of luck with that pricepoint practically in the PathMark parking lot.

  5. There are several Five Guys outlets in the Charleston, SC area, where (the high quality of the local white shrimp and mustard-based barbecue notwithstanding), they’re considered quite the chic thing.
    Which does not say much about the Southern palate. Five guys is even prized down there as somewhere to go for a “good” hot dog.

  6. About a month ago I went to Inner Harbor, MD to see the Yankees play. While there, we stopped by an Elevation Burger and asked some people eating outside if it was any good. We mentioned that there was going to be an E.B. coming soon to our town. They said “Burgers are great, but if you are willing to wait, head down the street about 2 miles and you can go to Five Guys”
    So now that 5 guys AND elevation are coming to Mtc, I can say the same thing!

  7. The Montclair citizenry, their genteel aspirations notwithstanding, are really nothing more than a bunch of ravening carnivores!
    “if it bleeds, it feeds.”

  8. batman jammies, i had one of the tacos last weekend. pretty good. also, that pie stand (the pie store?) was giving out free samples – so good 🙂

  9. About a year ago 5-Guys Burgers opened in Millburn Mall. I went to try it as I had heard about it for several months.
    It’s definately a Love it -OR- Hate it kinda plac
    The Good:–
    The place is THE cleanest eatery I have ever seen, it’s like a surgical room at a hospital, YES, it’s THAT clean!
    The Fries are cooked in peanut oil. they are different, they are very tasty going down, but….. you get to eat them again and again and again as nothing,,, NOTHING make the oil in your mouth go away, except for time. Tastes like 10W-30 weight oil!
    The burger.
    The burger was THE best item. It was excellent…However…. the bun was THE living worst! The bun tasted like that Soda-bread stuff. A soda-bread burger roll.
    The atmosphere was delightful, the parking (at least in Millburn) was plentiful.
    My suggestion would be to skip the fries and bring your own bun !
    You’ll love it or hate it, there’s no grey area.
    The best is still the W.O. BK at Pleasant Valley Way & Eagle Rock Ave.

  10. This will not fit into Upper Montclair unless they are genuine imitation Tudor Burgers.
    First, they need to slaughter the cows while wearing tights and quivers.

  11. 24hr gym? What’s up with that? It reminds me of the episode of “Obsessed” where the guy worked out upwards of 15 times a day.
    Regardless, it will be nice to see life in the old Olympic space again. I’m not the biggest fan of the architechture, but at least it’s not an assault on the eyes like some other new buildings I’ve seen in town.

  12. go to the fatburger in rockaway to understand what burgers are. tourists in LA like Inn N Out. Locals love Fatburger.

  13. Oh … missed one. Spiro, you are so right! Except that the genuine imitation means that the tights on the tan, if ample, thighs of the women slaughtering the hapless cows are really leggings and the quivers are filled with faux-arrows. The real thing would be too dangerous. Don’t forget the slaughter must be cruelty-free, kosher, and vegan.

  14. BK is in Israel. The burgers are Kosher there, (or so I was told). Fried Onions are okay, cheese is out.

  15. smoghat, I think you are suggesting that kosher is some kind of Montclair perk, but really the orthodox Jews stay away from Montclair.
    They prefer suburbs with orthodox prayer halls (Montclair has zero of these) and ultra-crappy public schools (since they don’t send their kids there anyway) and old houses originally built close together (so they can tear them down) and build really bad new ones within walking distance to prayer. Teaneck is a perfect example of this.

  16. Spiro, a lille help for my friend, here. It’s Orthodox Shuls. (and) there is one in Upper Montclair, along with 1 – – possibly 2 other Synagogues. The “problem” with Montclair and the Upper Montclair area as well as Glen Ridge is that it’s just too darn far from Short Hills Mall,
    which ‘ye all know, is our Mecca.

  17. I would disagree with your Short Hills Mall theory, Sandy.
    The families I see walking around Teaneck wear clothes that look like they come off the WalMart discount rack.

  18. But, that’s T-Neck…. I’m talking So. & West Orange/Maplewood, Hills of Short and Livingston areas. I don’t think that I have ever been to Teaneck.

  19. I predict great success for Anytime Fitness. The concept is great — especially for yuppified Upper Montclair, where many folks have more money than time! The location begs for a gym, with its ample parking, lack of decent competitors and surrounding high-income people in smaller-by-today’s-standards houses (meaning, no room for meaningful gym equipment at home).
    Good luck to ALL the merchants and to the developer who rescued the town from the hideous*, portholed facade that was at that location.
    * – yeah, so what that it’s ersatz tudor? — I despised the Olympic building’s appearance.

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