Burglary Arrest Leads to More Charges

An arrest was made on Tuesday after a burglary occurred on Valley Road. According to Montclair Deputy Chief Todd Conforti, John Carluccio, 21 years old, of Montclair, was identified and arrested as the suspect in the burglary and held on a bail of $10,000 bond. This follows the speedy arrest in armed robberies earlier this week.
After investigation, Carluccio was also charged with burglary and criminal attempt.
Conforti writes:

In addition to being identified in the Valley Road burglary, Carluccio was charged with one count of burglary and criminal attempt (theft) for breaking into a vehicle on Nassau Road on July 27.
As result of this investigation, Carluccio was also charged with criminal attempt (burglary) for a residence on Macopin Avenue where a rear sliding glass door was smashed open on July 25.

This case is still under investigation and has been referred to the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office.

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  1. Don’t hesitate to call the police if you see someone cutting through your yard or a neighbor’s. I once drove up my driveway only to find some shady character claiming to have “gotten lost” on his way home. Sure. A more likely story was that he was probably checking out the perimeter of my house for possible entry points. Be vigilant, people!

  2. What? How can this be? I thought all the cops in town were too busy handing out parking tickets and working the “Click it or Ticket” campaigns to do “actual” police work.
    Could it be that the cops in Montclair aren’t totally incompetent as so many on this blog love to assert? Say it aint so!!!

  3. The only Carluccio I could find living in Montclair is on Macopin Avenue–they were actually the impetus for a thread here back in February 2008. If John Carluccio is their son, that would mean this numbskull was actually breaking into homes on his very own block (unless the home on Macopin he broke into was that of his parents, and in that case he’s probably already grounded for life).

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