Child Endangerment Arrest on Bloomfield Avenue Yesterday

A woman was arrested yesterday afternoon for endangering the welfare of a child on 700 Bloomfield Ave. after 11 a.m., according to Montclair Police Chief David Sabagh.
“A woman had let her child out of her car between two parked cars and drove off,” Sabagh said. “Two witnesses prevented the child from wondering wandering into traffic.”
The mother went around the block and came back where she was arrested and taken into headquarters. The father of the child was up the block.

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  1. Child?
    That could be anyone from an infant to a surly 17-year-old.
    This story demands more detail.

  2. Remember when kids used to walk through the neighborhood on their own. This is the real nanny state unlike what those conservative dopes would describe.
    Cathar, where are you? Idiot.

  3. Uh, ahem. How old was the child? Two? Twenty two?
    And since when is “wondering” dangerous?
    Looks like the grownups at Baristanet have taken a summer Friday.

  4. Two? Seriously? For a fact?
    Just bring the kid with you, park, and walk back with the kid! Sheesh.
    I’m the one who’s always saying parents have to be allowed to use discretion, you have to know your kid, the government can’t be telling you what your kid is old enough for, kids don’t always have to be watched, etc, etc…
    But TWO?

  5. Enchante’, mikey.
    Why do I always feel that you post from the depths of your own personal despair and loneliness? It must be terrible to realize that no one would ever have bothered, or bothered to kidnap, you. Nor likely would have tired to prevent you from wandering into traffic.

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