Gov. Corzine Discusses New Stimulus Benefits at Montclair State

Gov. Corzine MSU.jpg
Gov. Jon Corzine spoke at a press conference held at Montclair State University yesterday afternoon to discuss the benefits of the new economic stimulus legislation for college campuses.
The legislation, which Corzine signed on Monday, now allows private developers to construct facilities on colleges and universities using a public-private partnership. It will also allow campuses more grants for campus development.

“Using the forward-looking and creative methodologies made possible by the Stimulus Act, Montclair State University will immediately partner with a private developer to provide a minimum of 1,200 beds on campus, with associated dining service and parking opportunities,” President Susan A. Cole said.
The press conference was held in front of Bohn Hall, a dormitory built in 1972 designed to house 588 students. President Cole explained Bohn Hall will house 703 students this fall, at 120 percent capacity. Students from MSU and Kean University stood behind the podium holding up signs that said, “Thanks for more beds” and “Beds for heads.”
“If we make this kind of investment in beds for heads, like the signs say, and research facilities we create reasons to be in New Jersey and that will go long beyond today,” Gov. Corzine said.
Essex County Executive Joe DiVincenzo, State Senator Ray Lesniak, State Assemblyman Albert Coutinho and Kean University President Dawood Farahi were in attendance.

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  1. So…does this mean they don’t have to build dorms at the old DCH Auto site, or is that what they’re referring to as “on campus”? I don’t get why they would need both.

  2. If we make this kind of investment in beds for heads, like the signs say
    Are we to believe Corzine’s people didn’t write those signs themselves?
    Joe D was there but he’s not in the photo? Heads are going to roll at the Hall of Records today.

  3. As I am happy about this in the sense that more revenue will come to Montclair by having more housing. What kills me is that this is coming from a waste pit of Gov’t spending. Why should anyone but NJians being footing the bill for this project.
    This is a state school in a broke state. I am happy for the future students who have an opportunity at education for a subsidized cost.

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