Kids Create: July 4th Tambourines and Maracas

patriotic_crafts_small.jpg We are getting in the July 4th spirit at our house. I can’t quite help make a float (or a prom dress out of duct tape) but I can help you make some musical instruments for the kids.
I thought they can use them to “march” in the parade. My son has been practicing – making up songs and shaking his “tambourine” and “maraca”.
Here’s how we made them:


1. Paper Plates
2. Dried Pasta/Beans
3. Markers
4. Stickers
5. Stapler
To do:
1. First staple two plates together all the way around leaving a space to insert pasta.
2. Pour a handful of pasta inside plates and staple shut.
3. Decorate your tambourine with markers, stickers, glitter.
You may want to run masking tape around the edge so little fingers do not get snagged on the staples.
1. Water bottle
2. Masking tape
3. Dried Pasta/beans
4. Markers
To do:
1. Fill water bottle with beans and screw cap on.
2. Cover bottle with masking tape and tape the cap shut.
3. Decorate your maraca with markers.
Note: I tried to encourage a “red,white, blue” color scheme but 3 years old have a mind of their own! Happy 4th!
Post by Nancy Breslin
We would love to see your 4th of July artwork. Please email your creations to us!

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