Montclair’s Hartnett To Retire

harnett_r2_c2.jpgThe Montclair Times reports that town manager Joe Hartnett sent in a letter of resignation this week.
After recent public sniping at the voodoo budget council meeting, it was clear that Hartnett and the new council were not a love match. Still one council member, Cary Africk, had praise for Hartnett’s work ethic and commitment. Hartnett came to Montclair six years ago.
The council has already started the search for a new manager. Meanwhile, it makes you wonder how the news will affect the council’s vote next week on whether to accept United Skates, Hartnett’s pick to manage Clary Anderson next year.

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  1. Good riddance. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.
    Congratulations, Mr. Mayor Bike Boy. Maybe you’re not a wimp after all.

  2. Ironic how the guy that says all the right things, but lives in a fantasyland like Fried is praised…but a guy that tells it like it is, has exponentially more experience than the mayor and entire council combined is shunned and in this case publicly disparaged by a mayor that is obviously in over his head. Given how hard it was to find a principal who would accept a job in Montclair, we will see if there are any Town Managers out there willing to jump into the frying pan.

  3. Bike Boy is still a wimp – don’t get it twisted. BTW, the Mgr is resigning on his own accord (but probably b/c he doesn’t want to deal with the circus act otherwise known as the Town Council)…

  4. Harnett’s performance in the last budget meeting amounted to insubordination. Fried may or may not be the biggest boob on the planet, but he was elected by the people of the town. Harnett wasn’t.

  5. NoCorzine,
    I don’t think Hartnett’s ideas or experience were ever called into question. The thing that always annoyed me about him was the apparent contempt he expressed towards the public.
    His “my way or the Apocalypse” attitude towards pretty much everything didn’t help, either.
    Here’s hoping his replacement at least pretends to care about what the people paying his salary have to say.

  6. Mr. Hartnett did his job well, he reduced employee’s by 50 out of 500 over his time. That is pretty admirable. Though salaries and pensions rose dramatically, but I also blame the previous mayors and council for allowing themselves to be pushed around by the Workers and their Unions.
    Mr. Hartnett leaving only tells me one thing, he has little to no confidence in the people he is working with. Either do I for that matter!
    Good luck to Mr. Hartnett, but stop trying to dig deeper in the municipal piggy bank on your way out, it would be a disgrace. Just like the other Municipal employees that save overtime Hours and get giant heeping checks upon retirement. (Deputy Mayor Terry)

  7. Supreme Leader Hartnett has left the building.
    Long live the revolution.
    But now that the obstructionist is gone, this council better show that they have some iron inside. I believe that most of their intentions are good, but the willingness to make hard choices is lacking.
    The tax burden will choke out all our options if we don’t deal with it. Services will need to be cut. Hard working and dedicated employees let go. Usage fees imposed. School boards held to account. Sensible development encouraged.
    There are many places in the NY metro region to build a life. Montclair has been one of the best. But if it is to remain that way, we need more then good intentions. We need to show that we have the skills to articulate and IMPLEMENT our vision for a small northeastern township. (Yes, we are just a small northeastern township – a fact we need to remember. It is not our job as a town to save the world. It is our job to take good care of our town.)
    There are groups in this town who will fight every change, but we elected this council to lead. It is time for them to show us that they can.

  8. Are you talking about the same town council led by Bike Boy that increased the school budget, cut the ambulance funding but won’t touch the library, wants to close fire houses and but build bike lanes, appoints Board members in the dead of night and makes the old town council seem like a lesson in civility, You mean that town council
    I agree with you, they have to show some leadership, but the first year has been a big disappointment

  9. Great News! Now how to we get the do nothing, paralysis by analysis council do follow his lead?

  10. Too bad he didn’t split *before* screwing up the PAWS/Montclair animal shelter situation so badly and comprehensively.

  11. Yes – MontclairBob – that is the council I am talking about.
    But I do think that bike lanes make sense as an infrastructure improvement. I spend a lot of time in Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn. The changes in traffic flow there seem to be a great boon to retail and community life. Smart improvements to our streets, which are shared resources, is a good thing for the council to spend time on. But the cost of those improvements needs to be controlled and only make sense as part of a larger plan for growth.
    The proposed development of the DCH buildings may be the kind of development that will lower our taxes overall by spreading the burden to more than just homeowners and increasing the attractiveness of Montclair to businesses. Of course – it won’t help any one if there is not enough parking. Nor will it help if those new buildings don’t pay taxes because they are dorms (does anyone know if they will?)
    And none of this will help at all if the council is swayed by the people who think we are a isolated community in the middle of nowhere. We are part of the largest urban area in America. We need to attract people to our town – not drive them away. Our schools need to get better and cheaper. Our employees need to be efficient and responsive. Our commercial areas need to be vibrant and accessible. If we don’t start thinking about (and discussing in a hopefully civil tone) the Montclair of the future, we are all going to end up with houses we can’t sell in a community that doesn’t function while we pay the salaries of employees who don’t give a hoot about our wishes.
    I just hope that getting rid of Mr. Hartnett is a sign that Mayor Fried and the council are ready to get tough.

  12. Tastybird
    Then you are going to be seriously disappointed by Bike Boy and his posse
    You can use the new bike lanes to ride to Mountainside when you have that heart attack after you see next years tax hikes

  13. Praise the Lord! He was definitely the biggest problem in Montclair. Chief executives for life like Hartnett make the mayor’s role ludicrous. Now as for bikey boy, don’t expect anything from him. He couldn’t manage Bike Montclair, so he’s certainly not going to manage the town adequately. I suggest that we all be very, very careful about who is floated as a replacement. Maybe the janitor from Trenton.

  14. Goodbye and good riddence….the man who claimed poverty and couldn’t afford to live in Montclair without a housing stipend….Same guy who has a boat and a shore house. This is a guy who cares about nothing but himself and his own self preservation….a carpet bagger from Rahway who duped a dysfunctional town council into believing his was going to take Montclair into the next decade via propped-up authorities, lies and half truths, threats and intimidation. A man, who was on his way out of St Peter’s College(via a demotion and/or release)before he arrived in Montclair. What fools we were to believe his claims about Paws and Clary Anderson Arena being anchors on the town budget…..The downgrading of our bond-rating on his watch, the debt ridden authorities he created, the supposed 50 employees he shed during his tenure. May we never go down this road again. I can’t wait until he pulls his gas-guzzling Yukon out of out town limits forever…..see ya.

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