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DSC03914.JPGWe normally don’t check all of our smoke detectors, fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. We only curse at them when their batteries go dim in the middle of the night and start randomly beeping.
We realize we need to take fire safety more seriously.
Did you know that in order to sell a house in New Jersey, you have to pass fire inspection 10 days prior to closing? Well, we sold our old house (and yes, pigs do fly). So I had to look up all the rules and regulations and install the right equipment. Fortunately, this was an easy task that required a tall man plus a few simple supplies from Zaentz Hardware.
Then a nice Montclair fireman named Terrance Swan came in to check it all out. He even invited my kids and I to the firehouse. Kids can stop by anytime for a tour. This activity is a must this week while I’m on staycation with my kids.
We’ve all vowed to be safe. In fact, we’re going through our new house now to make sure we have all the precautions in place. Take my local fire safety quiz on the next page to see how much you know…

1. How many smoke detectors are required on each floor?
2. Where does the fire extinguisher have to be stored?
3. Do you have to place smoke detectors in the stairs?
4. How often must you replace your smoke detector batteries?
How many of the questions above did you get correct? For a complete list of the local fire safety guidelines, click on the Montclair Fire Department website.
Answers: 1) 1; 2) kitchen in plain sight with instructions visible; 3) yes, on the ceiling above the first step going up to the second floor; 4) every six months.

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  1. I really need this reminder. Thanks to Johan’s story about carbon monoxide, I went out and finally purchased a detector.
    Now, I am going to replace the batteries to the smoke detector in our hallway stairs. The batteries died awhile ago, I’m ashamed to admit. I took them out to stop the beeping and never replaced them.

  2. The answer to #1, in Montclair at least is incorrect.
    When we added an addition to the first floor of the house, the Town required us to install smoke detectors in EACH bedroom because our total square footage exceeded some predetermined mark.
    We bitched for a hot minute, then realized the town is on our side with safety. So we upgraded our entire fire/smoke/heat detector system.
    As for the fire extinguisher, I have one on each floor of the house and the basement– fire scares the shi*t out of me.

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