Weekend Trip: Philadelphia

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In an effort to get away one more time before school starts, we decided to take a weekend trip to Philadelphia. Getting to Philadelphia takes less than two hours, so it was a piece of cake compared to our long, sleepless car trip to Martha’s Vineyard every year.

Our trip beganĀ on Saturday morning and headed to Camden’s Adventure Aquarium first. We got there right in time for lunch, so we ate in the cafe before checking out the underwater creatures. This is a great aquarium. Wonderful exhibits, stuff for kids of all ages, and just the right size.

We left at 12:30 p.m. before my 2-year-old got crabby (pardon the pun) and crossed the bridge into Philadelphia to our hotel in Center City. We stayed at The Embassy Suites, which I would highly recommend for families. Each suite has a separate bedroom, so after you get the kids to sleep, you can hang out in the living room and relax. They have cribs, kid packages, and a free breakfast buffet.

We did a little sightseeing around town, traveling by taxi, which was a high point for the girls. Franklin Square is a great spot for kids. There is a playground, miniature golf course and a carousel. (Note to parents: the carousel is not free, even though I thought it was a hopped on without paying.) We ate at Buca di Beppo, a fun family-style Italian Restaurant. They gave us a tour of the kitchen and chef hats for the girls to wear.

On Sunday morning, we ate breakfast, checked out of the hotel and headed to Sesame Place–a 30 minute drive. It was very HOT, which would make one think that a water park is the perfect place to be. However, everyone else thought the same thing and the place was packed. That meant standing in line for long periods of time in the scorching sun. I’ve admitted before that I’m not a fan of amusement parks, so Sesame Place was my least favorite part of the trip, although I will admit the parade was fun. My husband and 5-year-old loved it though and want to go back.

Have you taken any weekend trips? We would love to see pictures. Send them here and we’ll post them.


  1. POSTED BY profwilliams  |  August 19, 2009 @ 1:27 pm

    the prof enjoys a stay in the North wing of his palatial UPPER Montclair estate.
    It’s so much fun!!
    We use the guest rooms and act like it’s a B&B (and while the help hates that we require summer appropriate clothes, it makes it feel like a private beach home).
    Then we walk the grounds, bike ride, get ice-ream, see a show on Friday’s, or go swimming. (Our grounds pour into Brookdale Park, which I annexed, and call my own!)

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