Montclair State Ready for Possible H1N1 Outbreak

Montclair State has bought 20,000 bottles of hand sanitizer and 11,000 face masks in case swine flu goes epidemic this fall, says the Montclarion.

[Vice president for student development and campus life Karen] Pennington stated that the university is working to educate the Montclair community about what students and employees can do to avoid the flu, and what to do if they feel sick.
“Individual letters were given to all resident students at check in, letters have been or will soon be posted for commuters, faculty and staff. The Health Center staff has been staying informed through CDC updates, and the Emergency Response Team has met and made initial preparations in case of a general outbreak on campus,” she said.

There’s no H1N1 vaccine on the market yet, but MSU expects to have it when it becomes available.
Meantime, here are some swine-flu inspired ideas for Halloween.

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  1. Montclair State has bought 20,000 bottles of hand sanitizer and 11,000 face masks…
    Oh, good… because (according to Purell’s website) hand sanitizers kill about 99.99% of the germs on your hand.
    What’s that? The remaining 0.01% are there because they’re resistant? That could lead to those remaining 0.01% replicating and becoming the dominant, one might say “super”, germ? Part of the 99.99% are actually helpful bacteria?
    Bah, science. Who needs it?
    But, since it is going to be on a “dry” college campus, I’ll share this other fun tidbit: One 2oz bottle of hand sanitizer has as much Ethanol as 4 shots of whiskey.
    Party on, MSU. Party on.

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