Paddling the Passaic

Some people prefer the beach. Some prefer the pond. Our friend Wheeler Antabanez prefers the Passaic. Here’s how he spent his weekend.

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  1. Wheeler,
    Great video! Thanks.
    What’s the music you’re playing in the background and…
    which part of the Passaic River is this?
    (I’ve always heard the Passaic is very polluted so I’ve avoided it – do you know if it’s true?)

  2. Great video. I love the Passaic River – it’s a great spot for bird watching but I wouldn’t want to fall in.

  3. That looks like a blast, Wheeler. Thanks for the vid.
    Another great item, Ms. Quokka. It’s an embarrassment of riches today.

  4. Excellent Video thanks for the Post….In 1980 Right out of High School I was A crew Chief with The YCC (Youth conservation Courp)Essex county… West Essex Park…. Roseland… One of The most rewarding Jobs was Canoeing the Passic clearing dead fall Trees that blocked the river so others could canoe through… I remember a farm with cows wandering near the river too

  5. It’s All We Ever Wanted Was Everything, by Bauhaus, from the album The Sky’s Gone out, I believe 1989.
    Since the Passaic river exists in all times at all places (read: it’s a really, really really long and windy river) there are nice parts and insanely creepy parts. Out in Montville it’s a beautiful river. Still, I don’t think I’d eat anything out of it.

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