The Guide to Trick-or-Treating in Baristaville


DSC00898.JPGTrick or treating isn’t an official town activity. So last year, when I called the police department to find out times and rules, they pretty much told me to go scratch. Itching for info, I asked parents for their Halloween night input.
So here it is, The Unofficial Guide to Trick or Treating in Baristaville
1. Little kids (age 4 and under) start at 5 p.m.
2. Bigger kids start around 6 p.m.

3. Trick or treating is generally over by 8 p.m.
4. If you’re staying home to give out candy, be prepared for snarky teenagers not in costume. Some–of course, not all–will tell you that you’re the Bride of Chucky if you don’t give them candy. If you don’t want to deal, don’t answer the door. Or be prepared with a speech.
5. If you run out of candy, put a sign on the door: NO MORE CANDY. Certain streets like Montclair Avenue are heavy-traffic areas for trick-or-treaters. (Though I hear the lady who gives out Scholastic books is done.)
6. If you don’t want trick or treaters, put a sign on the door or turn your lights out on the first floor of your house.
7. People who come after 8 p.m. can be scary and bratty–not all, but many.
Have any wise tips to add to this list?

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  1. I wonder if the book house is really “done.” For the past three or more years that rumor circulates just before Halloween, but then we walk over on the big day and indeed, books are still aplenty.
    I love the book house. Here’s hoping.

  2. Amusing story. We live in a 2 family house. The people next door shut off their lights and go out on Halloween. We shut off our lights and hang a bag of candy on the doorknob.
    Now, a quiz: Which mailbox did the little entitled brats steal last year? The one owned by people providing no candy? or the one owned by people providing 2 pieces of candy? Bonus question. Did they take the bag of candy?
    Answers: Candy provider mailbox was stolen, miser mailbox was unharmed. The bag of candy was very light when we got home, but not empty.

  3. I love this guide, Kristen, but I am thinking, given all the sniffles and hands rummaging through candy bowls, that all Halloween candy, wrappers and all, will be vectors for the flu this year.
    Perhaps the solution would be to drop candy into kids’ bags or pumpkins, rather than letting them pick it out themselves.

  4. Teens and “bigger kids” done Trick-or-Treating by 8pm? That seems way early to me.
    But, hey, if you’ve got some teens who need something to do after 8pm, you can send them to the Rocky Horror Picture Show up at the Bellevue ( for details).
    I performed with these guys for nearly 10 years. The Halloween show is always one of the best: There’s a costume contest, give aways, usually a sketch-comedy or musical routine before the movie, and one of the highest nationally-ranked shadow casts in the country.
    The movie is rated “R” (by 1970s standards… maybe PG13 by today’s), it’s way safer than mostly anything else your kids can get up to this Saturday.

  5. Love to see the little ones dressed up with mommy waiting at the bottom of the step keeping a careful watch!
    Always buy tons of candy (I only buy the stuff me and the hubby enjoy) after 8pm-ish won’t open the door anymore and will just enjoy what is left of the selection! Favs.. Reeses cups and Herseys Cookies and Cream. Yummy!!! Last year we had butterfingers left for months, not to my taste!

  6. Did you REALLY call the police dept. to ask about rules and hours for trick-or-treating? Wow.
    OK, well, I’ll add to the list of helpful hints that you should buy candy you DON’T like, in case you end up with fewer little hobgoblins than you expected and you don’t want to pack on those pounds of surplus treats. (I hate Snickers but many kids love them, so it’s a win-win.)
    And I do like Debbie’s idea–I think I’ll do that this year!

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