Have You Seen This Kitty?

That’s her name, Kitty. She belongs to my niece, Armeni, and she seems to have disappeared sometime this evening. We’re all very worried about her. She’s new to the area–like my niece, Armeni, she arrived here recently from Boston, and we hate to think of her wandering, lost, alone, hungry and scared. If you have seen her, could you call 973 509 8882, or email us at punksandroses@mac.com?
Thank you so much. There is no joy in Mudville till we find her.

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  1. What part of Montclair is she missing from? Did she have a collar on? I will keep and eye out in the upper end of town. Hurry home Kitty!!!

  2. We saw a very similar looking kitty wandering over by Mountainside this morning. PunksandRoses has been alerted.

  3. Poor kitty–I hope she makes it home soon and safe, and will keep an eye out for her.
    Don’t know whether you typically let her outside, but Baristaville is a particularly bad place to have an indoor/outdoor cat, between the cars driven by impatient people talking on cell phones and the substantial feral cat population in the area. When she comes home, I hope you’ll consider keeping her inside.

  4. thank you so much for the tips and support. we try to keep all our cats (four little shelter kitties) indoors at all times, but two of them will occasionally zoom past us and rocket out the door before we can stop them. i can usually get them back in pretty quickly but this time Kitty evaded us. We’ll keep searching, and thanks again.

  5. I live in that area and will look out for her. I thought I lost my indoor cat once when we first moved to Montclair and chances are he was scared and actually under a bush on the property. Check your immediate yard/neighbors very carefully!

  6. I do hope you find her, tho I can say that they are resillient creatures and she can be very resourceful. Hopefully her claws are in tact so she is not tending to her survival less than prepared.
    On the other hand, this is the time of month there is a lot of dumping of animals, near parks in particular. When a family must move (around the 1st of the month), sometimes they find they cannot take the entire family with them. I could never put myself in that mindset, as I have always convinced my landlords/roommates that the animal must stay. Nonetheless, it happens each month.
    I just found 2 kittens – one in front of my neighbor’s house in the bushes, and one on my tire in the wheel well. It’s a sister and brother team – I had them updated with vet care, no parasites and negative on all tests. They are safe and in foster care, contact me if you know anyone who is interested in adopting one or both. They are 4 months old and sweet and cuddly.
    973 495 2217 Thanks!

  7. Fran,
    Keep food out, and in sight *around the clock*. You may wind up feeding the entire neighborhood (including your neighbors’ fat housecats, raccons, and possums) but you may get lucky and attract your own cat back.
    I had a housecat get out once and stay “lost” for 40 days. He was declawed, neutered, shy, and had been an indoor cat since he was 4 1/2 months old. Remarkably, we got him back without so much as a scratch on him.
    Lots of luck to you. Post signs all over the neighborhood too, especially where children may see them.

  8. Hope Kitty makes it home safe and sound. Don’t forget to check garages. It’s easy for them to wander into one and have the door shut behind them. I’ll keep an eye out when I’m in the area.

  9. YAY!! Kitty found, safe and sound, hiding in the house. Now she’s happily curled up after eating a big meal.
    she was used to being an “only child” in Boston, and I think occasionally it’s a little unnerving to her to share space with three other cats and a very vocal cairn terrier. maybe she just had to retreat for a while, but now she’s back. thank you again for the concern and good suggestions.

  10. So glad she was found safe and sound!
    Now prepare for the media onslaught–the “Kitty Fraud” a la the “Balloon Boy Fraud.” 🙂
    Wonderful news, Fran.

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