Cat-astrophe Averted

catastrophe averted.jpg
A cat that had recently gotten stuck in sewer pipes located on South 14th Street in Newark’s West Ward had the good fortune to be rescued by workers from the Division of Environmental Health Animal Control Bureau and the Division of Water and Sewer Utilities.

The workers had to remove the grate covering the sewer and pump water out before being able to finally reach the fazed feline, who was named “Blessings” by local residents because “it was truly a blessing to be rescued from the dire straits he was in on this bitterly cold day,” a spokesman said.
Blessings was taken to the Associated Humane Society, located at 124 Evergreen Avenue in Newark’s South Ward, where he has been receiving medical care. He will be housed there for seven days.
Kind of reminds us of this movie, depicting a fictional time and place so sweet that rescuing cats was all the fire department did.
For information about how you can adopt Blessings, call 973.824.7080.

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  1. Awwwwww… Great job by the workers who got the kitty out of there! I hope he goes to a great (warm, dry) home.
    This happened once to my highly intrepid and wonderful childhood cat–he got into *everything*, including the storm sewers. One time he couldn’t find his way back out, so he sat under the grate across the street from our house yowling until I found him.
    We ended up tying a rope to the sewer grate and the bumper of a car, and pulled it off so we could get him out. And then he got a *very* long bath.
    Those were different days and a different place (and my dad had decreed that he would be an indoor/outdoor cat); now I’d only keep a cat indoors. But somehow that cat lived to be an old man (19), cantankerous to the end. My mom still gets stories from neighbors about the times he darted into their houses and mugged them for food.

  2. Nice going, guys. What a Christmas story! (I’ll leave it to ROC to calculate the cost in overtime pay to taxpayers etc.)

  3. Yes, unfortunately, that’s the law in NJ. After 7 days, if an animal is unclaimed or adopted, it’s put to sleep. Unless of course, it’s taken to a no-kill shelter.

  4. I know some town/municipal shelters use the private donations from individuals to keep the animals past the seven day limit (provided they have the room at the shelter). The seven day limit is obviously a monetary consideration.

  5. Not all shelters kill animals after a 7 day hold. Bloomfield/Bukowski has a 6 month hold period and very active adoption and rescue committees. It’s not a sanctuary and can’t be, but in 2+ years only one animal was euthanized, and I can use that word in that situation because the poor dog was too unpredictable, had a bite history and could not be safely adopted out no matter how much work, love and training he was given. It’s hard but sometimes that is the kindest thing to do with an unadoptable animals.
    Which brings me back to “kill” vs. “no-kill” shelters. No-kill shelters are usually privately funded and have the luxury of turning away animals when they have no room. What do you think happens to animals like that? Rescues and sanctuaries are only no kill because it is left up to municipal shelters like ours to take them in and do the deed for them if/when it becomes necessary.
    People who refuse to adopt from “kill” shelters are willfully dooming the animals there to the fate they supposedly despise. If ever there were animals in need of adoption it is those in shelters like Associated Humane in Newark and Bloomfield’s. Little Blessing had better hope someone steps up and redeems him or all that work would have been for nothing.

  6. I used to do work for the North Shore Animal League in LI and Karen is right: The only reason they were no kill was because of private donations and sponsors. Lots of folks don’t realize that it takes a lot of $$$ to run no-kill shelter.

  7. This site needs more plays on words involving pictures of cats. Actually, lets just have more pictures of cats, and maybe some daily “Cathy” comics updates. I will break out my man-mumu and slippers.

  8. Maybe this post will make people aware and someone will adopt her…The sad thing is there are so many more like her waiting for homes.

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